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Following the picture links below, you will find our free magick articles about a whole range of interesting magick related topics! We write about tarot and lenormand as well as our thoughts on magick.

That Magick Podcast supporting our free magick articles

Below you’ll find the latest episodes of That Magick Podcast (or That Magick Vodcast if you prefer our video version). This started in March 2022 as an 8 episode season. It’s a series looking at topics such as tarot, lenormand and magickal powers to name a few. Check out the show notes for each episode for links back to the articles on each of the topics.

That Magick Podcast and other free magick articles by Magenta School of Magick

As well as being free to listen to right here, the content is also hosted across Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts as well as the Vodcast version on YouTube. So it’s all the same content, you just pick your preferred route!

That Magick Vodcast

That Magick Vodcast and other free magick articles by Magenta School of Magick

The video version of That Magick Podcast as hosted on YouTube. Feel free to select the closed captions option on the video, if this is helpful to you.

Season 2 of That Magick Vodcast

The One About Using Tarot For Personal Development: Ep 3

We open our show explaining that the “not quite tarot cards” hanging in the back of our set is one of the oldest tarot decks (for podcast listeners, we are referring to a collection of Sola Busca cards that we have framed in the background when we film the Vodcast versions of That Magick Podcast)

As ever, in this episode we draw heavily from pop culture as we try to explain why James Bond was just wrong on so many levels, tarot interpretation being one of the things he got wrong. Hopefully by the end of episode you’ll know how to use tarot for personal development. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to bring tarot into the board room or maybe use tarot within a counselling context. Feel free to check out our articles on similar topics such as using tarot to find flow and tarot for personal development. These provide more context to our episode today.The One About Using Tarot For Personal DevelopmentThe One About Using Tarot For Personal Development

Broadcasts 12pm GMT Saturday 1st October 2022

The One About Different Types Of Magick: Ep 2

We open our show trying to give some instructions about working on camera to our co-host. It doesn’t work. So we have another video episode where one of us is better shot than the other. We accept our shortcomings and accept that we’re a work in progress. We do eventually crack it, so please just bear with us.

In this episode we’re talking about what the different types of magick that exsist are. Hopefully by the end of the episode you will know a bit more about what all the magickal words, terms, definitions, names etc mean. Maybe you’ll be inspired to research a little bit, using some of these words or perhaps just feel assured that the kind of magick you practice isn’t wrong, or weird. Feel free to check out our article on a similar topic as this provides more context to our episode today.

The One About Grimoires: Ep 1

We open our show welcoming our new co-host! Having appeared in many a cold opener in Season 1, Someone is now stepping into the light to co-host the show, smiling and nodding the whole time bringing his unique style to try and make the show a bit more highbrow. Spoilers. It’s not, and now carries an Explicit so there we are.

In this episode we’re talking about grimoires. By the end of the episode, you should hopefully know a little more what they are, a little potted history about where some of favourite grimoires came from. We also talk about how grimoires, and magick, show up in pop culture. Feel free to check out our articles as these provide more context to the topic. These articles list out the grimoires we love, and the ones that are a bit dumb. Hopefully, you will feel inspired to buy some of these amazing texts! One of our favourite grimoires is the Picatrix. We would invite you all to check it out. We bought our copy from these guys. We’re not affiliated with any of the editors of these works, we don’t get a commission from talking about these books. We’re just pointing you all in the direction of where to go, ya know to be helpful.

We apologise for the quality of the video for those watching the vodcast, our first camera let us down so we had to rely on the back-up camera which, as you can see, is entirely rubbish. But we DO get better at pressing the right buttons and remembering we are on camera as the season progresses. Just bear with us for the first one!

Season 2 TRAILER

Season 1 of That Magick Vodcast

Here you can find all the Season 1 episodes of That Magick Vodcast. Remember, it’s the same great content as the podcast, but this is a video version for anyone who prefers to watch as well as listen.

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