That Magick Podcast Bonus Content – The One Where We See Dead People


The One Where We See Dead People  (Video and Audio files)


We open our show with a confession about this paid-for episode. We, like so many podcasters out there, would like to provide all our content for free but we’re faced with the rising cost of living. We are trialling some paid content because we’re doubtful we’d ever get a like-minded (and by that we mean fun) sponsor to sponsor our show. So let’s see how it goes. 

In this pay-per-view episode we get ready to share more of our personal experiences than ever before. Shot in One Take, this uncut episode shows our vulnerable selves as we explore the spooky events that have led us to where we are today, some local legends and give more insight into what still happens in our everyday world. Not intended to be a fright-fest episode (there are no jump scares in this, though there is some rather tongue in cheek soundtrack from time to time), we chat about the idea that perhaps we see dead people (or maybe it’s a time warp). Hopefully by the end of this episode, listeners will be entertained by our stories, may recognise some of what is being discussed as experiences in listeners’ lives and feel welcome to share their experiences, safe in the knowledge that whatever it is…it’s definitely not too weird for us!

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