About Magenta School of Magick

Magick School – Who we are

Magenta School of Magick was set up in December 2021, after feeling burned out as essential workers over the 2020-2021 pandemic. It began as a place to share information and teach others. It expanded in 2022 to include a video channel and a Podcast.

The content is created by one very knowledgeable witch, and the hard stuff like strategy and finance is handled by one knowledgeable project manager. The art and photography is provided by one very talented artist (and sometimes a robot when our artist is unavailable). Together we keep the place running, respond to enquires and provide our services.

We prefer to keep our student practitioners front and centre. This means Magenta School of Magick is actually less about us, and our background, and more about you the student and what you want to learn.

Magick School – Our philosophy

The Magick School is not a religious practise. It’s not another Wicca school. The majority of our content teaches people about magick and its use for personal growth. So much so that we think we’ve developed a new style, a new philosophy, in Humanistic magick.

Our revenue streams

We are including a note about how we are able to support ourselves in part to assure you that you, dear student practitioner, are not the product. We do not share your personally identifiable information and we do not sell your email addresses to lists. 

We do however let third parties advertise on our website. We have tried to limit these so the placement of adverts does not interfere with your experience of using the website. We review the adverts that are placed on our site and we block any that don’t comply with data consent rules or don’t complement our services.

We also sell products and services to you.

For example, we sell meditation scripts. These can be recorded, reused, chopped and changed because each script comes with a licence granting the purchaser certain permissions.

We offer the convenience of paid courses to our students, to fast track through our philosophy and art as well as gaining access to some great materials.

We offer tarot and lenormand card guidance and although our readings are not held in person, they are done with you. We are able to provide different tiers of pricing depending on the time the reading will take.

We also sell some content, such as our pay-per-view That Magick Podcast episodes. These give our students an extra experience, such as hearing our personal stories and learning about our personal experiences.

Our free content – Why give things away for free?

The majority of what you find at Magenta School of Magick is free at the point of use. All we ask in return is an email address so that you, our student practitioners, can receive this into your inboxes. We stopped sharing our content on Social Media in July 2022, so that we can guarantee our students have premiere access to our content.

We do this because we want you to have the tools to own your learning and personal development. This might be the ability to do card readings for yourself, it might be listening to our guided meditations and making a breakthrough with an issue.

We are also keen to share our thoughts on magickal practise. In particular the (often) appropriated nature of Western magick and try to expose that to more people. We are hopeful that we can offer a different philosophy.

We offer this for free because we want to introduce a new magickal philosophy, and share that with anyone who wants to practise magick but perhaps not the religious aspect. We also want to freely share that we all have the personal power to live a better life, and our content can provide the starting point and give people the tools to do so.

By signing up you'll receive our thrice weekly content of a downloadable spell on Mondays, an article on Wednesdays and a Guided Meditation on Fridays. You can even choose whichever combination of things you want!

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