Virtual candle videos

Virtual candle videos for use in spellcasting by Magenta School of Magick

Photo by Jemma

Here you will find access to our virtual candle videos. These are silent videos of virtual candles of various colours that you can use as part of your magick, without ever having to light a real flame.

All our candles are witch-made by us. Just use these virtual candle videos, like you would a real-world candle. They can be used as an object of focus in order to absorb the colour and the atmosphere into your practice. They can also be used while you meditate or visualise.

All you need to do is choose a colour. We have some colour correspondances suggestions on our Casting Spells page, but you can select any candle that you want of course!

White and Magenta – All purpose, connection and support for others

Purple and Dark Blue – Acceptance and Intuition

Bright Blue – Knowledge, insight and communication

Green – Love, beauty and abundance

Yellow – Friendship, happiness and wellness

Orange and Bright Red – Protection for others, empathy and money

Black and Dark Red – Self protection, grounding, releasing and sexuality

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