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Here you will find access to some of the guided meditations we have recorded and released to our subscriber audience. We have included some advice about how to meditate to our subscriber audience. You can download these audio meditations or follow the thumbnail carousel to watch our videos with closed captions.

We also have our scripts available for you to buy. So if you lead others in meditation practice, record meditations for your own website or guide others through hypnotherapy, our scripts are available to purchase. These are unique and written by us. Plus they come with a licence for you to use the scripts as you wish.

Meditation practice can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising meditative techniques to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with meditation.

Alignment guided meditation

Being in alignment with who you are is one of the most aspirational human goals possible. It’s often at the root of all the other changes we want to make. Ask yourself, do you feel excited by the day you have ahead of you?

Perhaps there are activities in your day that leave you disengaged, bored or distracted by something else. Is it possible that these are the things that are out of alignment? In this 35 minute meditation you are guided to consider your strengths and your values and work to bring these closer together.

Being Present guided meditation

Being present is a state where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now, and when we try not to let our thoughts distract us. Sometimes we all catch our minds wandering off, away from the present moment when we really ought to be paying attention.

Maybe this is at work or in class, or simply as we move about in the world as sometimes we can physically be in one place but our mind has travelled off somewhere else. This partially guided 15 minute meditation invites you to pay attention to your environment and your place within it. It’s a place to start building up your ability to remain present.

Body Scan guided meditation

By mentally scanning yourself, you bring awareness to every single part of your body. Our 30 minute body scan invites you to bring gentle awareness to where you store your emotions, tension and how the breath feels in the body. The goal is not to change anything, and not to have perfect stillness in the mind but just to get to know yourself and your amazing body!

Confidence Reflections

Everyone should have the confidence to step into their personal power as a master of their craft. Sometimes a little imposter syndrome can creep in, or those gremlins in our heads that tell us we’re not as good as we think we are. We invite you to ask yourself what is about us that impacts people the most? What are we most proud of? What is getting in the way of celebrating that?

Emotions Without Judgement guided meditation

Some emotions carry strong energy. They can distract the mind and affect the body and this can happen when you experience any powerful emotions. In these moments, it’s worth simply observing the emotions without getting involved in the story. This can bring a sense of clarity and control. This meditation is an invitation to breath, in order to experience those strong emotions without getting involved in the story.

Forgive Yourself guided meditation

Self-criticism and self-blame, self-neglect or self-destructive/sabotaging behaviours can all take their toll. Self-forgiveness allows us to release all ways we may have harmed ourselves, intentionally or unintentionally, either emotionally, physically, spiritually or mentally. This meditation is an invitation to ask yourself for forgiveness, and ultimately to move forward by forgiving yourself.

Gratitude guided meditation

The emotions of “awe” and “gratitude” are so important in our health and wellbeing. We can experience these feelings of awe and gratitude by just taking a moment to notice how amazing your own body is. All the hard work it does, all the protection it gives and support. By feeling grateful even for the smallest things, we can learn to open our hearts to feeling grateful for all the bigger, external or material gifts we have been given.

Leadership Affirmations

Everyone should have the confidence to step into their personal power as a leader. Sometimes little blocks around what we value, and what strengths we have and what we can bring to our leadership roles get in the way. We invite you to ask yourself as a leader, what is most important to you? What do you want to achieve? What is getting in the way of that?

Money Affirmations

Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads or we get stuck in patterns of thinking that suggest we’re not worthy of money or financial success. If we can clear out the mental blocks, we can learn to let go of negative patterns of thinking. If we can learn to welcome money into our lives, and embrace abundance, we can attract financial wellness.

Moving On In Peace guided meditation

Moving on from a difficult situation, the end of a relationship or simply a situation that no longer serves can be a challenge. Sometimes we get stuck in the situation, or stuck in a pattern of wanting a situation to have turned out differently than it did. It’s as though this situation has caught us as we have tried to move past and now won’t let us go.

Opportunity Affirmations

Everyone has the potential to attract opportunity, but sometimes we get stuck in patterns of thinking that suggest we’re not worthy of new and exciting opportunities. If we can clear out the mental blocks, we can learn to let go of negative patterns of thinking or imposter syndrome. Then we can learn to welcome opportunity into our lives and embrace these positive changes.

Release To Welcome Change guided meditation

Change can bring with it feelings of uncertainty and a sense of loss. Maybe this is a loss because something is ending, maybe this is a loss of control. Change can preoccupy the mind as the mind struggles to fill a void in knowledge.

In these moments, it’s worth simply remembering that the only thing you can truly control is your response to change, and that the only true constant is that things change.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs guided meditation

A limiting belief is a belief created, when for some reason, you decided you were unable to do something. Sometimes this is an event, sometimes its just a thought or a feeling you have.

The timeline of your life consists of memories, events, thoughts and feelings all created from the day you were born. Ever fancied time travel? In this guided meditation you’ll be taken along your timeline to locate a point in time you developed a limiting belief about yourself and invited to release this limiting belief.

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