Bear lenormand card combinations

Bear lenormand card by Magenta

Bear lenormand card meaning

The Bear card features the feet and claws of a bear eating a fish. It characterises work, power and influence.

The Bear is card number 15, and may have longer term time indications associated with that number, such as 15 weeks or 15 months. The astrological associations with the card are that of Mars and Aries. Symbolic of leading and energy. The Bear has associations with other cartomancy systems, such as tarot and the standard 52 playing card deck. It denotes the ten of clubs, which is associated with success after hard work. In the round, generally this card indicates a positive outcome or positive energy.

The bear lenormand card combinations shown below are read from left to right. In most cases the focus card of the Bear is read as a noun, and the paired card is read as an adjective (or sometimes a verb) which is what gives meaning to the Bear card. Read together they provide a little sentence that is used in a reading. In this post we give an example of how to read the combinations. The more cards we add, the more nouns, verbs and adjectives we build into our sentences, which will create more sophisticated lenormand card combinations. However, let’s not over complicate things. We’ll start with pairing two cards for now!

Bear lenormand card combinations 

Paired cardPotential combination meaning
Bear + RiderA leader or work arriving quickly, messaging about a leader, to message about work
Bear + CloverAn opportunistic leader, a lucky leader, an optimistic leader
Bear + ShipA leader or work departing, influence departing, power departing
Bear + HouseWork at home, a leader at home, a familial leader, power at home
Bear + TreeGrowing leadership, growing work, healthy work
Bear + CloudsA secretive leader, misunderstanding work, secretive work
Bear + SnakeDesirable work, sexual power, a deceptive leader
Bear + CoffinWork or power ending, influence ending, saddened by work, a sad leader
Bear + BouquetA friendly leader, inviting work, gifting power or influence
Bear + ScythePower ending abruptly, a dangerous leader, leadership or work ending abruptly
Bear + WhipA hard working leader, arguing about work, conflicting influences, conflicting work
Bear + BirdsTo gossip about a leader, to worry about work, an anxious leader
Bear + ChildPlayful work, an inexperienced leader, new work
Bear + FoxSelfcaring through work, a cautious or suspicious leader, a selfish leader
Bear + StarA spiritual leader, an inspirational leader, spiritual work
Bear + StorkWork is arriving, work is transforming, a leader is arriving
Bear + DogA supportive leader, a friendly leader, supporting work
Bear + TowerIsolated work, corporate work, a lonely leader
Bear + GardenTeamwork, a cultural leader, teamwide influence
Bear + MountainChallenging work, obstructive work, a challenging leader
Bear + CrossroadChoosing work, to hesitate over work, To choose a leader
Bear + MiceDestructive work, a destructive leader, decaying or damaging influence
Bear + HeartRomantic influence, a romantic leader, To love work
Bear + RingContractual power, circular work, committing to work
Bear + BookTo know a leader, secret work , educational work
Bear + LetterTo document work, to communicate about work, archive work
Bear + ManWork involving a man, a masculine leader, masuline power or influence
Bear + WomanWork involving a woman, a feminine leader, feminine power or influence
Bear + LilyA wise or ethical leader, pleasurable work
Bear + SunSuccessful work, a successful leader, a happy leader
Bear + MoonEmotional work, an emotional leader, fantasising about power or influence
Bear + KeyTo achieve power or strength, liberating work, a liberating leader
Bear + FishCommercial or financial work, a commercial leader, financial power, financial influence
Bear + AnchorStabilising work, a reliable leader
Bear + CrossBurdened by power or influence, burdensome work, a dutiful leader
Bear + SoulWork involving another person, a leader, personal power or personal influence

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