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Have you ever wondered how witches cast spells? What makes them work the way that they do? At Magenta, we think of casting spells like performing a little ritual. The symbolism and the ritual when combined with the timing of the spell, and the ingredients we use, along with the words we say all contribute to making spells work. However, connecting the timing and choosing ingredients, as well as designing incantations and symbolism is something that requires some thought and practice!

We specialise in astral magick, this means a lot of what you will read about on our website and what we teach through Magick Discovered, comes from the characteristics of the planets. As does the way we select plants and herbs for magickal use. It’s not the only way to cast spells, but it’s our way!

Does casting spells work?

We believe that magick can help with goal achievement and to make positive change in our lives. We combine our approach to casting spells with psychological theories on human motivation. For us, this is how to cast spells.

The moon and magick

How the phases of the moon help to cast spells

Using the moon in spell casting is something that a lot of magickal practitioners do. Wait until the ‘right’ kind of moon and magick has an overwhelming success rate.

New moons are used in magickal practice associated with beginnings and starting projects.

Waxing moons are useful for magick about increasing things and building on ideas.

Waning moons are useful for magick all about releasing and closing things down.

Full moons can be a time of celebration and ritual and are considered to be when the moon is at its most powerful. This means full moons could be used as a boost to magickal work.

The moon is important in how to cast spells by Magenta School of Magick

The Moon when it is travelling along in front of the signs of the Zodiac can also be used in magickal practice. Our magick is based on this. When we practice magick at this time, the connection between the Moon and the Star Sign can be blended together to make spell casting success more likely.

How does this work when casting spells?

The moon in Aries can be a good time to practice magick all about leadership, moving on and self reflection perhaps bringing more awareness to feelings of impulsivity or decisiveness. 

Cast a spell to start a project when the moon is in Taurus, as this can mean patience, hard work and diligence are then well rewarded. 

With the moon in Gemini, this can be a good time to focus magick on planning and researching or collaborating with others and social gatherings. 

If you need to bring clarity to issues through intuition, or perhaps become comfortable on your own, work some magick when the moon is in Cancer.

If you want to be noticed, casting your spell when the moon is in Leo can put creative achievements in the spotlight. 

If you want more structure, focus some magickal intentions when the moon is in Virgo to strengthen routines and bring awareness to finer details. 

The moon in Libra can be a good time for practicing magick in order to bring support to relationships and work partnerships. 

To bring awareness to strong, passionate emotions cast a spell when the moon is in Scorpio. 

If you’re starting a new adventure, either a new work project or travelling somewhere, bless this with some magick when the moon is in Sagittarius.

If you need to take responsibility, practice magick when the moon is in Capricorn to bring intentions towards sticking to the rules and making serious plans. 

Casting a spell when the moon is in Aquarius can be good if you want to flex your independence or undertake some study where an injection of new thinking is needed.

A good time to practice magick for spiritual endeavors is when the moon is in Pisces. This can bring about empathy and the use of intuition to situations.

Astral magick

Using astrology to cast spells

As we have mentioned, using astrology in combination with magick is something we specialise in. This has been inspired by a centuries old magickal text called the Picatrix. For us, where the other celestial bodies are in the sky can also be used in magickal practice. How to cast spells using astrology starts by combining the characteristics of the various planets and where they are in the sky to charge our magick, thus making success more likely.

How to cast spells using astal magick by Magenta School of Magick

This wheel shows the 12 astrological houses and their planetary rulers. These 12 sections of the sky all have useful properties that can be combined together with the characteristics of the planets to add a real boost of power to spell casting.

HouseCharacteristics of the house and the parts of life being representedStar sign rulerPlanetary
1stPhysical appearance, charisma, ego. New beginnings and initiatives.AriesMars
2ndThings of value, money, possessions and acquisitions.TaurusVenus
3rdCommunication, intelligence, siblings.GeminiMercury
4thComfort, security, ancestry, heritage, roots. The Mother and housing.CancerMoon
5thRecreational, leisure activities, children and creative self-expression.LeoSun
6thSkills, employment, in service of others. Wellness and healthcare.VirgoMercury
7thPartnerships, marriage, agreements and contractsLibraVenus
8thCycles of death and rebirth. Sexual relationships and commitments. Other people’s financesScorpioPluto
9thExpansion, wisdom, experience, knowledge and philosophy SagittariusJupiter
10thAmbitions and place in the world, career, society, governments, The Father and authorityCapricornSaturn
11thFriends, belonging to groups and communities. Wealth and richesAquariusUranus
12thReleasing, healing, forgiveness. Completion, peace and spiritualityPiscesNeptune

For us at Magenta, the Moon is probably the most important ‘planet’ in a magickal context. So what the moon is doing and when its doing it is often what we base our magick around. The moon represents emotion, intuition, femininity and motherhood and blends very well with the star sign of Cancer. The Moon is “at home” in the fourth house.

Like the Moon, the Sun is another ‘planet’ that is not a planet. It is opposite the Moon in that the Sun is a symbol of masculinity. The Sun also represents self-confidence and personal visibility in the world. The Sun rules the star sign Leo, which means the Sun is most “at home” when it is travelling through Leo as its characteristics blend very well with Leo’s characteristics of socialising, self-confidence and the achievement of goals. In a magickal context, the Sun is useful for work all about “the self”, such as confidence and charisma. As a planet of “self-confidence”, the sun is most at home in the fifth house.

Mercury rules the star signs of Gemini and Virgo. This means Mercury is “at home” in Gemini and Virgo as Mercury’s characteristics of fast communication and fast learning are the strongest when it is in these two star signs. In a magickal context, these characteristics can be used for work all about communication, skills and learning, and Mercury is most at home in the third and sixth houses.

Venus rules the star signs of Taurus and Libra. This means Venus’ characteristics of attractiveness and social harmony are strongest when blended with the characteristics of Taurus (patience) and Libra (harmony). In a magickal context, Venus can be used to bring small gains, balance and pleasant experiences, and feels at home in the second and seventh houses.

Mars rules the star signs of Aries. The characteristic of Mars as a ‘take charge’ planet teams-up nicely with Aries for leadership. In a magickal context Mars can be used for work involving conflict, increasing vitality or taking decisive action. Mars feels most at home in the first house.

Jupiter is the first of the outer planets and the largest. Being the largest planet, Jupiter has characteristics of abundance. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which means Jupiter’s characteristics of abundance work strongest with Sagittarius characteristics of expanding the mind. In a magickal context, Jupiter can be used to increase luck and to magnify and enhance all good things. Jupiter is most at home in the ninth house.

Saturn is all about responsibility and authority. Saturn rules the star sign Capricorn, which means Saturn’s characteristics of responsibility work well with Capricorns’ love of following the rules. In a magickal context, Saturn can be used to ‘take responsibility’ by binding and restricting undesirable behaviour. Saturn is most at home in the tenth house.

Possibly because its discovery was such a shock, Uranus has characteristics of revolution. Uranus rules the star sign Aquarius which means its characteristics of shaking things up are strongest working with the Aquarius characteristic of renewal. In magickal contexts, Uranus can be used for work connected with major changes. Uranus is most at home in the eleventh house. 

Neptune was the second planet to be discovered since ancient times and it has characteristics connected to the element of water, such as empathy, spirituality and dreams. Not surprisingly, Neptune is most at home in Pisces. Neptune’s characteristics of spirituality and dreams are strongest working with Pisces characteristics of compassion and spiritual matters. In a magickal context, Neptune can be used for spiritual, psychic and intuition work, and is at home in the twelfth house.

Pluto is the final planet in the solar system and as such it has characteristics of endings and of cycles. Pluto rules in Scorpio, and this means that Pluto’s characteristics of transformation and renewal are strongest when teamed up with Scorpio’s dark traits of death and decay.  In a magickal context, Pluto can be used for work connected with transformations or final endings, and as such is at home in the eighth house.

Colours and candles

Using coloured candles to cast spells

Candle magick and using coloured candles is important, so deciding on the correspondences of the colours is worth spending some time on. We choose to use the colours of the light spectrum in association with certain psychological motivations found in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

We have assigned the colours below to certain psychological needs and wants. We are mindful, however, that colours mean different things to different cultures and different people. The important thing to know about coloured candles is if it works for the practitioner, then it is the right candle for that practitioner!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Magickal Needs by Magenta School of Magick

We also have some virtual candles for you to use.

Dark Red

Bright Red
YellowGreenBright BlueDark Blue
Protection of the self,
Protection of others,
Mental/physical wellness
Love and respect,
Knowledge and insight,
Acceptance, Spirituality,
Spiritual wellness,
Inner wisdom
Support for others, 
Connection to the Universe,
With all purpose,

Plants and herbs

Using herbs to cast spells

Our herb magick is informed by the writings of Nicholas Culpeper and the Picatrix. Each day of the week is ruled by one, or more, of the planets. In addition, each hour of the day, including the night, is also ruled by one of the planets. Collecting plants and herbs in accordance with the planetary day and hour ensures these magickal ingredients have an extra boost of potency when used for the right kind of spells.



& Pluto


& Neptune


& Uranus


Moon herbs can be used magically to strengthen spells about emotions, developing intuition and for magick concerned with reflection and adapting to change. Moon herbs can also be used for magick about the home and family. 

Mars herbs are useful in spells about vitality, personal protection and taking decisive action. Mars herbs are also useful for magickal work involving new beginnings.

Mercury herbs can be used for magickal work about communication, skills, knowledge and learning. Mercury herbs can also be used for friendships and sharing, and some wellness work.  

In a magickal context, Jupiter herbs can be used to increase luck and to magnify and enhance all good things. Jupiter herbs can be used in magickal practice involving expanding the mind.

Venus herbs can be used to bring small gains, loving and pleasant experiences. They can be also used to work magick associated with patience, harmony and agreements.

Saturn herbs can be used magickally for binding spells, restricting undesirable behaviour or for magick concerned with following the rules. In a magickal context, Saturn herbs can be used to ‘take responsibility’ and to “lead by example” as a figure of authority. 

Sun herbs can be used for magick focused on “the Self” such as confidence and charisma and for magick about creative self expression.

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