Rider lenormand card combinations

Rider lenormand card combinations by Magenta School of Magick

Rider lenormand card meaning

The Rider card features a young woman on a powerful dragon. It characterises speed, a messenger arriving quickly. The card’s meaning therefore utilises these keywords.

The Rider is card number one, and may have time indications associated with that number, such as one day or one week. The astrological associations with the card are those of Mercury and Gemini, both symbolic of communication and swiftness. The Rider has associations with other cartomancy systems, such as tarot and the standard 52 playing card deck. It denotes the nine of hearts signifying the unexpected. In the round, this card indicates a positive outcome or positive energy.

The Rider lenormand card combinations shown below are read from left to right. In most cases the focus card of the Rider is read as a noun, and the paired card is read as an adjective (or sometimes a verb) which is what gives meaning to the Rider card. Read together they provide a little sentence that is used in a reading. In this post we give an example of how to read the combinations. The more cards we add, the more nouns, verbs and adjectives we build into our sentences, which will create more sophisticated lenormand card combinations. However, let’s not over complicate things. We’ll start with pairing two cards for now!

Rider lenormand card combinations

Paired cardPotential combination meaning
Rider + CloverOptimistic or exciting news, A fortunate message, a lucky message
Rider + ShipDeparting news, messages about leaving
Rider + HouseNews from home, comforting news, a traditional message, familial news
Rider + TreeHealthy news, growing news, stabilising messages
Rider + CloudsConfusing messages, receiving messages secretively, misunderstanding messages
Rider + SnakeNews is desired, a deceptive message, a sexual message
Rider + CoffinNews ending, messages are buried, messages have ended, sad messages
Rider + BouquetA inviting message, friendly messages
Rider + ScytheA dangerous message, news ending abruply
Rider + WhipConflicting messages, disagreeable news
Rider + BirdsWorrying news, gossiping
Rider + ChildPotential news, news of a beginning, messages beginning
Rider + FoxMessages that should be taken cautiously, news of self interest, suspicious news
Rider + BearStrong messages, influential messages, leading messages working on news
Rider + StarSpiritual messages, hopeful news, an inspirational message
Rider + StorkChangeable news, messages arriving, a transformational message
Rider + DogFriendly news, supportive messages
Rider + TowerAuthoritative messages, isolating news, solitary message
Rider + GardenPublic messages (eg meetings) communal news, cultural news
Rider + MountainDifficult messages, challenging news, blocked messages
Rider + CrossroadDeciding about news, hesitant news
Rider + MiceDestructive messages, declining news
Rider + HeartLoving messages, forgiving messages, reconciliatory news, romantic news
Rider + RingCommitted messages, contractual news, promising news
Rider + BookTruthful messages, news that is well informed, knowledgeable messages
Rider + LetterWell documented news, messages are well communicated
Rider + ManNews about a man, news from a man
Rider + WomanNews about a woman, news from a woman
Rider + LilyNews that is pleasurable, messages that are sensual, wise, ethical messages
Rider + SunHappy news, successful messages
Rider + MoonEmotional news, intuitive messages
Rider + KeyNews that resolves, an open message
Rider + FishNews in abundance, financial news
Rider + AnchorNews that gives stability, messages that are reliable
Rider + CrossNews that is burdensome, being the bearer of bad news
Rider + SoulNews about a person, news from a person

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