Magickal consultancy for your business

Turning your passion for the esoteric into business strategy.

Our consultancy services can help you transform your passion for all things esoteric into successful business strategies. With our expertise and guidance, you can unlock the full potential of your ideas to achieve business success. Whether this is through a novel approach to team building or wellness strategies or because you own and run an esoteric business.

Other esoterically minded people just like you have come to us for clear, actionable and relatable advice on what to do to build and transform their teams at work through to developing niche passion projects into something that generates some revenue.

The biggest benefit to engaging with us is that you have access to spiritually minded business focused people who can help you grow your business strategies that are aligned to your values. 

What should you do first? 

Let’s set up a no obligation call to better understand your challenges and together we’ll figure out how Magenta School of Magick might help. After that, we can figure out a customised proposal of where we might be able to help based on your specific needs and your budget.

How we can help you

  • Consult with you on your initial plans and develop some strategies – maybe this involves a different approach to team building and wellbeing using magickal tools or marketing strategies to help you make the pivot from passion project to business venture. 
  • Educate through magickally theme workshops – to help you and your teams to use a different approach in your business.
  • Provide development coaching to you and your teams – to work directly with you to develop a successful approach to wellbeing in your workplace.
  • Provide business coaching to esoteric business start ups – to help you as you pivot from passion project to business venture with operations, templates, advice, and any ad hoc media services.

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