Clouds lenormand card combinations

Clouds lenormand card combinations by Magenta School of Magick

Clouds lenormand card meaning

The Clouds card features two dark clouds, each with one open eye watching the horizon. It characterises misunderstandings and secrets. The card’s meaning therefore utilises these keywords.

The Clouds is card number six, and may have short term time indications associated with that number, such as six days or six weeks. The astrological associations with the card are those of Neptune and Pisces, both symbolic of illusion and reality distortion. The Clouds has associations with other cartomancy systems, such as tarot and the standard 52 playing card deck. It denotes the king of clubs generally associated with seeking out the truth. In the round this card suggests a negative outcome or negative energy.

The Clouds lenormand card combinations shown below are read from left to right. In most cases the focus card of the Clouds is read as a noun, and the paired card is read as an adjective (or sometimes a verb) which is what gives meaning to the Clouds card. Read together they provide a little sentence that is used in a reading. In this post we give an example of how to read the combinations. The more cards we add, the more nouns, verbs and adjectives we build into our sentences, which will create more sophisticated lenormand card combinations. However, let’s not over complicate things. We’ll start with pairing two cards for now!

Clouds lenormand card combinations

Paired cardPotential combination meaning
Clouds + RiderA newsworthy secret, a misunderstanding moves away quickly, to message about a secret
Clouds + CloverAn optimistic misunderstanding, a lucky misunderstanding, an exciting secret
Clouds + ShipAn adventurous secret, a departing misunderstanding, a risky misunderstanding
Clouds + HouseA traditional secret, a traditional misunderstanding, a familial secret
Clouds + TreeA growing secret, a growing misunderstanding, a healthy misunderstanding, a healthy secret
Clouds + SnakeA sexual misunderstanding, a sexual secret, to deceive over a misunderstanding (eg lying, gaslighting)
Clouds + CoffinGrievous secret, misunderstandings ending
Clouds + BouquetAn inviting secret, a friendly misunderstanding, a friendly secret
Clouds + ScytheMisunderstanding ending abruptly, dangerous secret, a dangerous misunderstanding
Clouds + WhipTo disagree about a misunderstanding (eg arguments), working hard to keep a secret
Clouds + BirdsAnxious about a misunderstanding, to gossip about a secret
Clouds + ChildAn innocent misunderstanding, a new secret
Clouds + FoxA cautious or suspicious secret, being self-interested over a misunderstanding (eg lying, gaslighting)
Clouds + BearA powerful misunderstanding, a powerful secret, working on a misunderstanding
Clouds + StarA spiritual secret, a spiritual misunderstanding
Clouds + StorkA changing misunderstanding, a transformative secret
Clouds + DogTo support a misunderstanding, a friendly secret
Clouds + TowerA solitary secret (eg keeping a secret), an isolating misunderstanding, a lonely misunderstanding
Clouds + GardenA teamwide misunderstanding, a public secret,a cultural misunderstanding
Clouds + MountainA difficult secret, a challenging misunderstanding
Clouds + CrossroadTo decide on a secret, hesitation over a misunderstanding
Clouds + MiceA destructive secret, a destructive misunderstanding, a stolen secret
Clouds + HeartA romantic misunderstanding, a loving secret
Clouds + RingTo commit to a secret, a contractual misunderstanding
Clouds + BookA known secret, to be informed of a secret, to research a secret, secret keeping
Clouds + LetterTo document a secret or misunderstanding, to communicate a secret or misunderstanding
Clouds + ManA man with a secret, misunderstandings with a man
Clouds + WomanA woman with a secret, misunderstandings with a woman
Clouds + LilyAn ethical misunderstanding, to become wise to a secret
Clouds + SunA successful misunderstanding (eg a resolution), a happy secret
Clouds + MoonAn emotional misunderstanding, fantasising/dreaming about a secret, (eg keeping a secret)
Clouds + KeyLiberation from a secret, resolving a misunderstanding or confusion
Clouds + FishFinancial misunderstandings, a commercial secret
Clouds + AnchorTo stabilise a secret or misunderstanding, to secure a secret or misunderstanding
Clouds + CrossA burdensome secret, a dutiful secret
Clouds + SoulSomeone with a secret, misunderstandings with someone

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