Lily lenormand card combinations

Lily lenormand card combinations by Magenta School of Magick

Lily lenormand card meaning

The Lily card features a water lily opening up. It characterises wisdom, ethics and pleasure. The card’s meaning therefore utilises these keywords.

The Lily is card number 30, and may have short term time indications associated with that number, such as 30 days or 30 weeks. The Lily also has time indications pertain to winter time. The astrological associations with the card are that of Chiron and Virgo, symbolic of striving to heal and perfection. The Lily has associations with other cartomancy systems, such as tarot and the standard 52 playing card deck. It denotes the king of spades, which is associated with analysis and wisdom. In the round, this card generally has a positive outcome or positive energy.

The Lily lenormand card combinations shown below are read from left to right. In most cases the focus card of the Lily is read as a noun, and the paired card is read as an adjective (or sometimes a verb) which is what gives meaning to the Lily card. Read together they provide a little sentence that is used in a reading. In this post we give an example of how to read the combinations. The more cards we add, the more nouns, verbs and adjectives we build into our sentences, which will create more sophisticated lenormand card combinations. However, let’s not over complicate things. We’ll start with pairing two cards for now!

Lily lenormand card combinations

Paired cardPotential combination meaning
Lily + RiderWisdom or pleasure arriving quickly, messaging about ethics or morality
Lily + CloverTo be lighthearted about morality or ethics, wisdom that is optimistic, pleasure that is opportunistic
Lily + ShipWisdom or morality departing, risking ethics or morality, risky pleasure, pleasure departing
Lily + HouseEthics or morality at home, wisdom or pleasure at home, familial morals or ethics, traditional morals
Lily + TreeGrowing wisdom, growing morality, healthy morals or pleasures
Lily + CloudsTo be secretive about morals, to misunderstand morals or ethics, to be confused by morals or ethics
Lily + SnakeTo desire wisdom, deceptive morals or ethics, sexual pleasure
Lily + CoffinAn ending to morality or wisdom, saddened by morals or ethics
Lily + BouquetInviting wisdom or morals, gifting wisdom or ethics, friendly pleasures
Lily + ScythePleasure ending abruptly, dangerous morals or ethics, wisdom cut off, accidental pleasure
Lily + WhipArguing about pleasure or ethics, to work hard at wisdom or ethics, conflicting morals
Lily + BirdsTo worry about morality, gossiping about pleasure, to be anxious about ethics or morals
Lily + ChildPotential or new morals, potential or new pleasure, childish or inexperienced pleasure
Lily + FoxSelfcaring through morality, selfish pleasures, to be cautious about pleasure
Lily + BearTo work at morality, powerful or strong ethics or pleasures
Lily + StarSpiritual wisdom, to be hopeful about pleasure or morality
Lily + StorkTo change or transform morals, pleasure or wisdom arriving, transformative pleasure
Lily + DogFriendly pleasures, to support wisdom or morality, to be loyal to morals
Lily + TowerAuthoritative or corporate wisdom, corporate ethics, isolated morals,
Lily + GardenTeamwide wisdom, cultural or societal ethics, teamwide pleasures
Lily + MountainObstructive or challenging morals, problematic pleasures
Lily + CrossroadsChoosing ethics or morals, to hesitate about pleasure
Lily + MiceTo lose ethics, to lose pleasure, flawed morals, defective, damaging or destructive morals
Lily + HeartLoving or romantic pleasure, forgiving morals
Lily + RingCommitted to morals or ethics, circular pleasures
Lily + BookSecretive pleasure,to be informed or to know ethics, educated or educational wisdom
Lily + LetterTo know or document morals, to communicate about pleasure, to archive morals or wisdom
Lily + ManWisdom from a man, pleasure involving a man, masculine pleasures
Lily + WomanWisdom from a woman, pleasure involving a woman, feminine pleasures
Lily + SunSuccessful or positive pleasures, positive ethics
Lily + MoonEmotional morals, fantasising about pleasure
Lily + KeyResolving morality, liberating wisdom, releasing pleasures
Lily + FishCommercial or financial morality or ethics, valuable wisdom, financial pleasure
Lily + AnchorStabilising morals, reliable pleasure, to secure wisdom or ethics
Lily + CrossBurdened by morality, a burdensome pleasure, dutiful morals or ethics
Lily + SoulWisdom from someone, pleasure involving another person, human pleasures

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