Spells for free!

Spells to download for free

Here you will find spells that you can download for free. All our correspondences, the days of the week that work best for certain kinds of magick and how we use the moon and planets are all included on our Casting Spells page.

Switching spell for swapping a bad habit for something better!

Release unfair treatment if you find judgements within your relationships are holding you back

Healing elixir for a cold

Remove any difficulties understanding the information you need to learn

Open yourself up to your intuition in order to see what is going on under the surface

To See What Is Hidden

A spell to charm an object with the energy of Mars for protection and courage

Key of Protection

A spell to expand what you have using Jupiter

Sigil for Expansion

A spell to bind someone’s power

Binding someone’s power

A spell to draw attention to your personal qualities or achievements

Magnificent attraction and attention

A spell to open yourself to prosperity and opportunity

Flame of Prosperity

A spell to strengthen routines, bring your awareness to finer details and clear away the chaos

Order from Chaos

A spell to create a decoy so any hexes end up safely stored in this Witch’s jar

Witch’s Bottle of Protection

A spell to boost the ability to learn a new skill

Mastery of Skill

A spell to take responsibility of a situation so you can work towards a solution

Ownership of the Problem

Photos by Magenta and Jemma

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