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This class is amazing! There is so much information in it, the instructor is engaging and goes at the perfect pace, and there are even print outs of everything you learn. I’d suggest this class to anyone who wants to learn about Magick for the first time and anyone looking to brush up on their magickal knowledge. Update: Would give this class 6 stars if I could. I’m almost done with the class after taking a bit of a break and I forgot how much information she provides you with! Most Wiccan classes or schools I’ve found have been research based with little info to provide, unlike this class.

A.C from U.S.A
February 2022

Learning anything takes time. Learning about magick is no different. A lot of the time people start their magick training with some Internet research, then perhaps by reading several books. Eventually most people will want to invest in their own development with a magick training course.

This is the introduction to our course and gives you an indication of the pace and teaching style.

Our Magick Discovered magick training course will give you a solid foundation in astral magick, with a blend of different magickal approaches with an open invitation to find a way that works for you. So if you have tried other esoteric systems but rote learning the rules is not rewarding or you prefer to learn using your own initiative, not through instruction but by investigation (and importantly practise!!) then our magick training is going to set you on the right path.

A different kind of magick training course

With Magick Discovered you’ll experience a different kind of magick training course. Our magickal training is focused on making change happen. For you this could be personal development changes or it could be something more material. With over 30 years experience carefully compressed into 5 hours, we offer a spiritual study alongside the psychological perspectives for how and why magick works.

It’s less a worshipful practice, but designed to give you the personal power to create the changes you want from life within the context of a magickal belief system. By avoiding all the dogma and rejecting unethical and unjust forms of magick from days gone by, you will benefit from a welcoming, inclusive and safe practice. Not every magick school offers this. 

The benefits of our magick training course

Our magick is unique. We think this is the biggest benefit of all. Whilst it’s a blend of different philosophies and arts, such as those found in Chaos Magick and Gardnerian Wicca as well as a sprinkling of Astrological and Renaissance Magick, we teach our own blend.

You may have noticed from reading our articles that what makes us unique is the way we pull in techniques found in neurolinguistic programming, psychology and personal development to make our magick impactful and successful. We call this Humanistic Magick. We have also rejected cultural appropriation, misogyny, gender and hetro normative attitudes and anything else that takes personal power from someone else!

One of the other benefits of our course is that there’s no dogma and no gatekeeping. We’re not a ‘mystery school’ and we don’t teach a religious magickal practice. Our course includes astral magick and we are not another Wicca magick training course. We certainly won’t make you wait a year before you can cast a spell or before you can identify as a magickal person.

Another benefit with us is that because you’ve found your way to us, you’ve probably already learned a little magick but maybe want some support, a place to ask a question or gather some ideas to try out. We are right here to give you that mentorship, just reach out and ask.

A fourth benefit is you can sign up and take your time with our course. You’re not learning on our schedule, you learn to yours. There are no wait lists and no “complete by” dates.

One final benefit is the steady pace. The course is broken up into easy pre-recorded video lectures each in their own sections, to give you the opportunity to practise as you go so you can find out that it works for yourself. This is perfect for people with a passion for achieving positive change through magick, and perfect for people who want to “learn while doing”.

Access to unique magick with our training course

By the end of the course you’ll be walking away with unique knowledge, an ethical practice and plenty of experience with our support, advice and guidance along the way should you want it.

The Magick Discovered course is available for £59.99. We also send out coupon codes only to website subscribers. So please subscribe to the website (button below) to get those coupon codes. Our codes are usually issued on or around Wiccan quarter and cross quarter days.

Who will benefit from our magick training?

This course is great for beginners at a foundation level in their magickal practice. Equally, this is a solid introduction to anybody with a little more magickal experience wanting to learn a new philosophy.

We would even go as far as to say open-minded entrepreneurs, community and spiritual leaders and anyone wanting to take proactive action to change things in their lives, could find our course useful. Sign up now and you get access to the course. That way you can secure the price and then complete the course at a time that suits you! 

The key features and what you’ll be doing by the end

Describing and summarising magick in context

Practising ritual and ceremonial basics

Comparing the wheels of the year to other calendars

Practising meditation and visualisation techniques

Working with the phases of the moon and correspondences of the planets 

Creating tools for use in magick and practice

Preparing herbs, candles and talismans for magickal work

Designing spells 

Using intuition and using intellect in magickal practice

Recognising when results show up

Identifying areas of ethical consideration

Living a magickal life

This is the first lecture from Module 1. We have 49 other lectures just like this one, so this will give you an idea of the pace of the class and the teaching style.

What you will get on our course

Over 30 years experience and research carefully compressed into 5 hours of training for your convenience.

Over 260 hours have gone into creating the course materials that you can download and keep, even after you have finished the course.

A unique magickal training course that teaches the art of astral magick within our philosophy of making positive change happen.
Time to complete the course in your timescales, not ours. There are no wait lists, and no pressure to have the course completed within a certain time period.

By signing up you'll receive our thrice weekly content of a downloadable spell on Mondays, an article on Wednesdays and a Guided Meditation on Fridays. You can even choose whichever combination of things you want!

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