Guided Meditation: Release to Welcome Change

Photos by Magenta

Change can bring with it feelings of uncertainty and a sense of loss. Maybe this is a loss because something is ending, maybe this is a loss of control. Change can preoccupy the mind as the mind struggles to fill a void in knowledge. The mind may want to plan, the mind may start to imagine unhappy events replacing more familar ones.

In these moments, it’s worth simply remembering that the only thing you can truly control is your response to change, and that the only true constant is that things change. This meditation is an invitation to breath, in order to release the tension and release the tightness in the body. To welcome a space where you feel safe in what you can control.

Meditation practice can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising meditative techniques to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with meditation.

If you have suggestions for a guided meditation you’d like us to do just reach out. We’re happy to assist!

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We are a school for people who want to learn the 'philosophy and art of affecting change through (so far at least) unseen causes', also known as 'magick'.

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