Guided Meditation: In This Moment

Being ‘in the moment’ means focusing on just one thing. This might be a conversation, a task or simply just sitting without wanting to be somewhere else.

Being in the moment allows us to connect with all there is to experience around us and allows us to be more present in life.

Click the link to get this ‘no music’ meditation and spend 30 minutes being in the moment.

Guided Meditation: Release confidence blocks

Many of us form blocks about our abilities and skills. We question whether we are good enough. These questions and blocks can then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them.

This guided meditation aims to do just that. Click the link, now.

Guided Meditation: Accepting constructive feedback

Sometimes when we are given feedback this can feel like an attack. By learning to hear without judgement what is being said, we can begin to accept constructive feedback in the spirit it is usually intended.

Click the link for this free accepting constructive feedback guided meditation.

Guided Meditation: Authentic leadership

Ever felt your leadership style was a bit out of step with your leadership cohort? or that you find yourself comparing or compromising your style to be like others?

We invite you today to tap into what makes you a great leader in order to embrace how amazing your style actually is!

Click the link for this free authentic leadership guided meditation.

Guided Meditation: Self approval and validation

Ever felt overlooked, or that nobody notices all the things you’re good at? We invite you today to first allow you to notice you. Allow yourself to be the first one who celebrates how amazing you are.

By approving of our own hard work first, we often find we need that approval from others a little less.

Click the link for this free self-approval and self validation guided meditation.

Guided Meditation: Reframing failure

Failure. It creates such an emotive response in the mind, and heart! Nobody enjoys the feelings associated with having failed at something.

Let’s flip the script on that word ‘failure’. Instead, if we reframe the concept of ‘you’ve failed’ to ‘you need to learn from this before you can succeed’ and then try to draw valuable insights from the experience. It turns failing into learning.

Click the link for this free guided meditation to help reframe failure.

Guided Meditation: Leaning into Challenges

Leaning into a difficult situation such as a problem at work or the end of a relationship can feel counterintuitive. Surely avoiding challenges also helps avoid those horrible feelings of discomfort?!

But it is only by walking through the discomfort that we can come out the other side of it better prepared for the next challenge.

Click the link for this free guided meditation to help lean into challenges.

Guided Meditation: Accepting imperfection

Many of us want to achieve perfection in our lives. If we reach perfection, we believe this will finally make us happier, or give us a sense of acceptance by others. With the drive for perfection can come burnout, feelings of anxiousness and stress.

This affirmations meditation aims to help celebrate success, to learn that setbacks are part of a process and that we’re probably holding ourselves to impossible standards anyway!

By allowing a sense of ‘good enough’ to satisfy us, we can learn to enjoy being in the moment and allow gratitude for where we are today creep in. Click the link for this free guided meditation.

Guided Meditation: Spotting Patterns

Formulation is a technique used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that helps to identify where there might be repeating patterns between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. For today’s guided meditation, you could choose to use a pen and some paper to note down any patterns you identify, but identifying the patterns is what leads you to the next steps.

This might be a pattern in the triggers, a pattern in the negative thoughts, a pattern in strong emotions or a pattern in behaviours. Once you have spotted the patterns, you can take the next steps towards challenging these.

Guided Meditation: See It To Believe It

The very essence of magick is learning how to “see” an outcome in order to bring into reality. Using these techniques can take some time to learn, so today’s meditation is more a practice in what visualisation (especially in a magickal context) really means.

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