Guided Meditation: Break the Cycle of Fixed Beliefs

Sometimes the rules, or beliefs, we have formed are not actually objectively true. They are merely aspects of our values system, or the value system of key authority figures in our lives.

These fixed beliefs can be challenged, but first we must work out what they are and their limitations on us.

Join us for 25 minutes today to explore some common fixed beliefs in order to challenge their hold.

Guided Meditation: Body Image

Give yourself some love today. Your body is special and precious because it’s yours…’s home to your thoughts and your emotions. It’s time to stop defining your awesomeness by any external standards.

Join us for 20 minutes to give your body some loving kindness.

Guided Meditation: Freewriting aid

If you have been looking for a way to tap into your inner wisdom, but have struggled with visualisation, then freewriting could be the technique for you.

Freewriting is a technique for accessing all of the creativity hiding inside, by ignoring your instinct to edit, correct and censor your stream of consciousness as it flows onto the page.

Join us for 20 minutes to start your guided freewriting session. See what unfolds for you!

Guided Meditation: Positive regard

Unconditional positive regard is an amazing skill that can be incorporated into a wide spectrum of everyday life.

It’s all about ensuring that your relationships flourish, and that in the event that people make mistakes, that they know they will still be supported and accepted.

Join us for 25 minutes to start to build this skill for yourself.

Unlock the Magick of Guided Meditations: Top Tips for Creating Meaningful Verbal Guidance

Do you ever feel put on the spot when leading others in a guided meditation? Maybe you’re struggle with pacing, metaphors, or wonder if you’re not saying enough, or maybe you’re saying too much? Perhaps you have thought about offering guided meditations to your clients, but don’t know where to start?

This week’s article is just what you need. It’s our top tips when looking at things like language and pacing in your guided meditations. Click the link to get these tips!

Guided Meditation: Developing Wisdom

Wisdom is perhaps the hardest quality to define. Experts in the field tend to agree that being wise involves an integration of one’s knowledge and experience against a backdrop of context.

But how do you become wise? Join us for 25 minutes to explore your own sense of wisdom, and learn to develop this quality for yourself.

Guided Meditation: Give Constructive Feedback

If you’ve ever been asked to provide feedback, it’s likely this you found this an uncomfortable request, particularly if we’re expected to be honest!

Constructive feedback, rather than outright criticism, is meant to be helpful but it is crucial to offer feedback on behaviours and actions, without passing on judgement or negativity about the person.

Join us for 20 minutes to try a technique out for yourself!

Guided Meditation: Manifesting Technique

The very essence of magick is learning how to “see” an outcome, as though it has already happened, in order to bring into reality.

This week’s meditation is an opportunity to practice visualisation by recalling a memory, and then using that ability to manifest a desired outcome.

Join us for 30 minutes to try this technique for yourself!

Guided Meditation: Letting Go of Fear

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to have a conversation with fear, in order to build a different relationship with it.

If we can learn to see fear differently, this can lessen the hold it has on our mind.

Click the link to get this 20 minute meditation!

Guided Meditation: Here and Now

The past is intricately linked to our present experience. But in order to release ourselves from our past experiences, to avoid dwelling on them, it is worth exploring how the present moment is impacted by experiences of the past.

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to spend 20 minutes being present. But with a twist. Ask yourself at the end of this session how far you felt compelled to hide from being present. It is only by being aware of masking, that you can ask yourself why that might be.

Click the link to get this meditation!