How to interpret the court cards

By not falling into the trap of interpreting court cards as people, the court cards can apply in any spread and any position. We will look at the wider interpretations of the court cards in today’s article.

Spells under a minute: Reclaim Ambition

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells! The moon is in Capricorn today so this perfect for a spell to give ambition a bit of a kick in the butt.

Guided Meditation: Accessing inner wisdom

Everyone has access to their own inner wisdom, but sometimes we get stuck in our own heads or we get stuck in logic thinking patterns which means our intuition can’t get a word in. This guided meditation can help clear the chatter.

Can Tarot predict the future?

Does Tarot predict the future? What if Tarot was weirder than that. What if Tarot cards are manifesting certain futures as well as warning us of them? In this article we try to work out if Tarot is like the Penrose/Escher staircase.

Spells under a minute: Workplace Harmony

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells! The waxing moon is in Libra today, perfect for a spell aimed at increasing the balance to relationships. Today’s spell is about improving the harmony in workplace relationships.

Guided Meditation: Release money blocks

Many of us form blocks about our ability to access money. These then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them. This guided meditation aims to do just that!

How to bring the balance back for the Equinox

Mabon and Ostara are Wiccan festivals that take place at the autumn and spring equinox. But you don’t have to be Wiccan to get involved. In this article we give you some ideas for how to celebrate, plus a free spell to download. We’re also throwing in a Udemy course code for our Audience members to get an amazing discount off our Magick Discovered course.

Spells under a minute: Knotty issues

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells! The moon is in Cancer today so this perfect for a week long exploration into inner wisdom and developing intuition.

Guided Meditation: Three good things

We’re trying something new here at Magenta School of Magick. As the nights draw in and autumn comes, we too can find our own sense of self shifting in these darker months. We have been running a three part series of interconnected meditations throughout September looking at Tackling Depression.
This is part three. Distracting the mind by recalling events that took place the day before can be helpful. In this meditation we are looking at what took place yesterday, even if all that happened was waking up and having something to eat. Then reframing one aspect to label it as ‘one good thing’.

Using planetary retrogrades in magick

Mercury is retrograde right now. But so is pretty much everything else. Retrogrades are bad though right? Well, not in astral magick they’re not. So while our astrologer friends batten down the hatches, we approach retrogrades in a slightly different way as this article explains.

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