Spells under a minute: In your own skin

The waning moon is in Cancer this week. This is your moment to turn your attention inward and discover the joy of being comfortable in your own company.

This week’s spell is an incantation to be relaxed in your own skin, Click the link to get your free download!

Guided Meditation: Freewriting aid

If you have been looking for a way to tap into your inner wisdom, but have struggled with visualisation, then freewriting could be the technique for you.

Freewriting is a technique for accessing all of the creativity hiding inside, by ignoring your instinct to edit, correct and censor your stream of consciousness as it flows onto the page.

Join us for 20 minutes to start your guided freewriting session. See what unfolds for you!

Harnessing the Power of Manifestation with These Proven Techniques

Manifesting is a cornerstone of magickal practise, but even without a belief in magick, the power to manifest lies within you.

This week’s article is a look at the power of manifestation and how, with practise, your life can unfold in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Click the link to get this!

Spells under a minute: Defensive shield

The waxing moon is in Aries later this week, so this is the best time to create a defense mechanism for all the stresses you’re experiencing.

Click the link to get your free downloadable spell!

Guided Meditation: Positive regard

Unconditional positive regard is an amazing skill that can be incorporated into a wide spectrum of everyday life.

It’s all about ensuring that your relationships flourish, and that in the event that people make mistakes, that they know they will still be supported and accepted.

Join us for 25 minutes to start to build this skill for yourself.

Unlock the Magick of Guided Meditations: Top Tips for Creating Meaningful Verbal Guidance

Do you ever feel put on the spot when leading others in a guided meditation? Maybe you’re struggle with pacing, metaphors, or wonder if you’re not saying enough, or maybe you’re saying too much? Perhaps you have thought about offering guided meditations to your clients, but don’t know where to start?

This week’s article is just what you need. It’s our top tips when looking at things like language and pacing in your guided meditations. Click the link to get these tips!

Spells under a minute: Take back responsibility

The waxing moon is in Capricorn this week. This makes it a useful time to think about all the tasks you need to take more responsibility for, and bring those back into your control.

This week’s spell is an invitation to take back responsibility. Click the link to get your free download!

Guided Meditation: Developing Wisdom

Wisdom is perhaps the hardest quality to define. Experts in the field tend to agree that being wise involves an integration of one’s knowledge and experience against a backdrop of context.

But how do you become wise? Join us for 25 minutes to explore your own sense of wisdom, and learn to develop this quality for yourself.

Finding Clarity and Connection: Using Tarot as a Tool for Team Building Success

Tarot provides a unique perspective on individual strengths and helps people work through any challenges.

What if your brought this insight into work? By incorporating Tarot into team building workshops and activities, organisations can create an inclusive and engaging environment that promotes self-reflection and open dialogue.

This week’s article explores how Tarot has real world business applications.

Click the link!

Spells under a minute: Reduce the tension

The waning moon is in Libra later this week. This is your moment to consider your relationships, and whether they feel out of balance.

This week’s spell is an incantation to reduce the tension. Click the link to get your free download!

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