How to get started with magick

Have you ever wondered about the potential a magickal practice holds for manifesting your goals?

Magick is often considered a tool for more spiritual leaning people, but it is becoming increasing popular with anyone looking to make lasting change in their lives.

Maybe this is you? Click the link to find out how you might get started with magick. 

Spells under a minute: Arguments in the mind

Ever gone home from a tough day and continued to have an argument in your own head?!

The waning moon is in Virgo this week. Just right for a spell to banish these arguments in the mind.

Click the link to get your free download and of course, the quick video to see how this spell looks in action.

Guided Meditation: Body confidence affirmations

Did you know you are fabulous? You look perfect, just as you are!

This is a series of affirmations designed to welcome health and fitness, but also to celebrate just how awesome your body is.

Click the link to get this meditation!

Spells under a minute: Art of Persuasion

Follow along with this video (and free downloadable spell of course) so you too can cast spells!

The waxing moon is in Gemini this week so this is a great time to cast a spell to build up your communication prowess.

Click the link to find your free downloable spell and a quick video for how to cast this.

Guided Meditation: Understanding self esteem

If you struggle with self-esteem, perhaps paying far too attention to that inner critic, sometimes looking to the past can be a helpful way to understand where this comes from.

Today’s meditation is an invitation to give younger you a bit of a cuddle as you explore where any self esteem issues may have come from.

Click the link to get this meditation!

Unlock your intuition and get creative with problem solving

Intuition as a form of non-linear thinking allows us to see the bigger picture. It is an inner knowing that somehow goes beyond all the things we have learned, and yet taps into everything we have ever learned in an instant.

Can intuition help us make decisions? What about when we are truly stuck in our own heads?

We explore how to unlock intuition for creative problem solving in this article. Click the link!

Spells under a minute: Source of Advice

Follow along with this video complete with free download so you too can cast spells!

The waxing moon is in Pisces this week, so this is a good time for a spell to tap into your intuition, and figure out how you can best support another person.

Check it out by following our link below.

Guided Meditation: Affirmations in times of stress

Sometimes we could do with a good talking to when we are stressed and panicking! Well, the best person to remind you just how strong you really are is…well…you!

This is a series of affirmations designed to put you back in the driving seat in times of stress and remember that this too shall pass!

Click the link to get this meditation!

Finding inner peace through Humanistic Magick

Reaching inner peace is a journey that takes time and effort, but it is one that is well worth the effort. Combining humanistic approaches and magick into Humanistic Magick can be a powerful way to unlock inner peace and wellbeing.

In this article we explore how humanistic approaches can be combined with magick to start the journey to inner peace and living a life of joy and fulfilment.

Click the link to find out more!

Spells under a minute: Finding the Time

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

The waning moon in Sagittarius this week is a good time to work some magick to reduce and release the blocks getting in the way of your ability to expand your horizons.

Click the link to view this short video and download your free spell!

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