Embracing the Mystical: A Short Guide on How to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection through Magick

Magick acts as a catalyst for spiritual development by connecting the ordinary with the mystical, enabling people to experience a heightened sense of spirituality.

In this week’s piece, we delve into how practising magick can foster greater self-awareness, access intuition, and unleash untapped capabilities.

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Spells under a minute: Spiritual Growth

The waxing moon is in Pisces this week. This is your moment to grab some Tarot cards and cross filter them with magick.

This week’s spell is an incantation to use, along with Tarot, for spiritual development. Click the link to get your free download!

Guided Meditation: Letting Go of Fear

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to have a conversation with fear, in order to build a different relationship with it.

If we can learn to see fear differently, this can lessen the hold it has on our mind.

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Spell Timing Secrets: Maximising the Effectiveness of Your Spells Using the Phases of the Moon

The Moon plays a huge part in magickal practise.

Everything from the Moon’s phases, and what the moon is doing, is all useful in magick. 

This week’s article is a back to basics as we explore how the phases of the moon can be used to make magick more effective.

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Spells under a minute: Standing Up

The waxing moon in Scorpio this week is an excellent time to pull on that belly-fire.

This week’s spell is a call to action when someone you know needs to find their inner voice, and stand up for what’s right.

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Guided Meditation: Here and Now

The past is intricately linked to our present experience. But in order to release ourselves from our past experiences, to avoid dwelling on them, it is worth exploring how the present moment is impacted by experiences of the past.

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to spend 20 minutes being present. But with a twist. Ask yourself at the end of this session how far you felt compelled to hide from being present. It is only by being aware of masking, that you can ask yourself why that might be.

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The Synergy of Mind and Magick: Humanistic Counselling in Magickal Practise

The integration of humanistic counselling techniques and magick is what we call humanistic magick. Potentially, humanistic magick offers a useful framework to a aid healing and personal growth.

This week’s article explores what we mean and shares our thoughts on using magick to complement therapy to heal the whole person.

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Spells under a minute: The Critical Path

The waning moon is in Virgo this week. This makes it a useful time to reduce being pulled in different directions, and to laser focus on what the most important actions are.

This week’s spell is an invitation to quiet the mind. Click the link to get your free download!

Guided Meditation: Building Intuition

Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool for decision making, but spotting the messages from all the logic-brain noise is difficult.

Join us this week for 15 minutes, so you can develop a technique to build your capacity to recognise intuition.

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Astrology in the Boardroom: Leveraging Cosmic Wisdom to Drive Business Growth

What if business leaders could use personality analysis tools to help them build diverse teams?

Ah, but they do! What if more business leaders embraced astrology as another insightful tool to help them with business growth?

This week’s article explores how astrology has real world business applications.

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