Unlock Your Inner Wisdom: The Power of Meditation

Imagine there was one thing you could do to switch on any powerful or magick abilities that may be dormant within you. Or one thing you could do tap into your mind to help yourself or others around you.

There is. This article sets of the power of meditation as the only thing you need to do if you’re looking to unlock those abilities inside you.

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What are the psychological benefits of a belief in magick?

We are school for people who want to learn the philosophy and art of affecting intended change through unseen causes. This is how we define magick. But what is the benefit to practising magick?

Our philosophy is one we call humanistic magick because we feel that magick can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. What else can magick give?

This week’s article aims to highlight the real world benefits magickal practise can offer. So whether you believe in magick or not, there will hopefully be something you can take away. Just click the link!

The Power of Mercury: How to Incorporate this Planet into Your Magickal Practise

Using the planet Mercury in magickal work can bring about amazing results.

This week’s article will focus on how to use Mercury’s energies in a magickal context. Click the link to find out how now!

Manifesting Abundance Through Magick

Are you looking for ways to manifest abundance in your life? Hopefully, you’ve guessed that magick can help here. But how?

In this week’s article we will show you how to magick can be used to bring you more of what you want into your life.

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Ways to Celebrate May 1st: A Sustainable Guide to Connecting with Nature

The 1st of May is a celebration of the natural environment, either the start of summer or the end…depending where you are in the world.

In this article we give you some ideas for how to connect with nature in a sustainable way.

Click through to the article and you’ll also get an amazing discount code for our Magick Discovered course.

From Basic Needs to Self-Actualisation: Aligning the principles of Humanistic magick with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Our Humanistic Magick is rooted in personal growth and change and this is why we find Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs so useful.

The pyramid structure, so often attributed to Maslow, is a useful framework to visually connect wants and needs with magick. 

From basic magickal needs to self-actualisation, click the link to find how magick can be structured within the context of this famous triangle.

Harnessing the mystical power of the Sun and Moon in magick

Many cultures have historically believed that harnessing the power of the Sun and Moon can bring about amazing results.

This week’s article will focus on how to use the Sun and Moon’s energies in a magickal context. Click the link to find out how now!

A Step-by-Step Process to Setting Intentions in Magick

Business leaders and sports personalities often talk about setting intentions in order to achieve successful outcomes. Does this apply to magick? And if it does, how do you set intentions?

In this week’s article we will explore what intentions in magick are and share a short process for setting intentions that you can try today.

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Magick is not just ‘woo’. How Visualisation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Visualisation is a powerful tool for achieving goals and objectives. Including all those work based goals and objectives. You will see that it’s not just a tool for the woo and magickally minded!

In this week’s article, we will discuss what visualisation is and how you can use it to set and achieve your goals.

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Spells under a minute: Magnificent attraction and attention

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

Surely it’s about time all your hard work was noticed?! The waxing moon in Leo this week is a good time to work some magick to attract attention to all your amazing qualities.

Click the link to view this short video and download your free spell!

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