How to bring the balance back for the Equinox

Mabon and Ostara are Wiccan festivals that take place at the autumn and spring equinox. But you don’t have to be Wiccan to get involved. In this article we give you some ideas for how to celebrate, plus a free spell to download. We’re also throwing in a Udemy course code for our Audience members to get an amazing discount off our Magick Discovered course.

Is magick good or evil?

The question of whether magick is good or evil has been rumbling for centuries. Is magick evil? Or does magick just have a marketing problem? We try and get to the bottom of this in this week’s article.

Is magickal binding always bad?

When people talk about binding spells, this is usually a kind of spell that aims to prevent someone from doing something. Does this mean binding is a good thing, or a bad thing?

How do magick spells work?

Magick spells work by using powerful ingredients, rituals and incantations to prime the unconscious mind to get to work on implementing constructive changes.

What are planetary herbs?

Planetary herbs are plants, fruits or a herbs that are ruled by a certain planet and therefore have the same correspondences. It’s a useful, sustainable approach when using plants and herbs in magick.

The Moon in Magick

The moon plays a huge part in magickal practice. Everything from the moon’s phases and what the moon is doing and when it is doing it are all useful in magick. 

What is cleansing in magick?

Literally anything from people, to objects, to spaces can be cleansed. Cleansing an item, a person or a space gets rid of any magickal or energetic nasties from lurking.

Spells under a minute: Balanced Relationships

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells! This one is aimed at improving emotional health.

How To Meditate

Meditation is a kind of quiet practice where a certain amount of time and effort is dedicated in order to pay special and very close attention to a meditation object. So how hard can that be? And can anybody do it?

Humanistic magick. Is this a thing?

Our approach to magick is influenced by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. So does this mean there’s a new kind of magick? Well, maybe a new label at least. 

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