What is Humanistic Magick? A Guide to Using Humanistic Magick to Manifest Changes in Your Life

Manifesting change starts with you. By tapping into your inner power, you hold the key to own success.

This is what we mean by humanistic magick.

This week’s article is a brief look at what steps you can take today to embrace your inner power.

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Spells under a minute: Order from Chaos

The waning moon is in Virgo this week. This week’s spell is an invitation to clear the clutter so you can bring some clarity to your routines.

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Utilising the Power of Magick for Work-Life Balance: A Strategy to Thrive at Work

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, with the constant demands of work commitments, family drama and other challenges can leave us struggling to keep on top of our wellbeing.

This week’s article looks at the power of magick to help us achieve a greater sense of balance and wellbeing in our lives, even when we are at work.

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Harnessing the Power of Manifestation with These Proven Techniques

Manifesting is a cornerstone of magickal practise, but even without a belief in magick, the power to manifest lies within you.

This week’s article is a look at the power of manifestation and how, with practise, your life can unfold in beautiful and unexpected ways.

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Finding Clarity and Connection: Using Tarot as a Tool for Team Building Success

Tarot provides a unique perspective on individual strengths and helps people work through any challenges.

What if your brought this insight into work? By incorporating Tarot into team building workshops and activities, organisations can create an inclusive and engaging environment that promotes self-reflection and open dialogue.

This week’s article explores how Tarot has real world business applications.

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Unveiling the Secrets of Humanistic Magick for Stronger and Deeper Connections in Relationships

Within our humanistic magickal framework is a sense that positive relationships start with understanding the role we play in them.

This week’s article explores how to use humanistic magick in order to improve emotional connections and communication.

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Embracing the Mystical: A Short Guide on How to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection through Magick

Magick acts as a catalyst for spiritual development by connecting the ordinary with the mystical, enabling people to experience a heightened sense of spirituality.

In this week’s piece, we delve into how practising magick can foster greater self-awareness, access intuition, and unleash untapped capabilities.

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Guided Meditation: Letting Go of Fear

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to have a conversation with fear, in order to build a different relationship with it.

If we can learn to see fear differently, this can lessen the hold it has on our mind.

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Spell Timing Secrets: Maximising the Effectiveness of Your Spells Using the Phases of the Moon

The Moon plays a huge part in magickal practise.

Everything from the Moon’s phases, and what the moon is doing, is all useful in magick. 

This week’s article is a back to basics as we explore how the phases of the moon can be used to make magick more effective.

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Guided Meditation: Here and Now

The past is intricately linked to our present experience. But in order to release ourselves from our past experiences, to avoid dwelling on them, it is worth exploring how the present moment is impacted by experiences of the past.

This week’s guided meditation is an invitation to spend 20 minutes being present. But with a twist. Ask yourself at the end of this session how far you felt compelled to hide from being present. It is only by being aware of masking, that you can ask yourself why that might be.

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