What are the psychological benefits of a belief in magick?

We are school for people who want to learn the philosophy and art of affecting intended change through unseen causes. This is how we define magick. But what is the benefit to practising magick?

Our philosophy is one we call humanistic magick because we feel that magick can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. What else can magick give?

This week’s article aims to highlight the real world benefits magickal practise can offer. So whether you believe in magick or not, there will hopefully be something you can take away. Just click the link!

Manifesting Abundance Through Magick

Are you looking for ways to manifest abundance in your life? Hopefully, you’ve guessed that magick can help here. But how?

In this week’s article we will show you how to magick can be used to bring you more of what you want into your life.

Click the link!

Using magick for personal gain

Nobody questions whether expanding your mind, improving your finances or your social influence by going to university or work is selfish. Is using magick for personal gain selfish? We try and unpack whether using magick for personal gain is morally questionable. Warning: This post contains spoilers from TV shows that are over 20 years old (it makes us weep to say that when 1998 was only, like, 5 years ago…)

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