The Synergy of Mind and Magick: Humanistic Counselling in Magickal Practise

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We have posted previously how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a useful framework when using magick as a tool for personal growth and transformation. We have also written about integrating therapeutic practise into the use of magickal tools like Tarot.

We believe that magick can combine with therapeutic practise to complement a full healing approach that considers the whole person. One that combines ancient wisdom, spiritual practises, and psychological techniques to promote holistic wellbeing. We often write about our Humanistic Magick approach, which is an integration of magick with humanistic counselling techniques. We feel that our approach provides a useful framework for magickal practise that emphasises empathy, authenticity, and self-actualisation whilst acknowledging as humans, we all have specific wants and needs.

This article explores the synergy between humanistic counselling and magick, highlighting how the integration of these two modalities can enhance therapeutic effects and deepen the healing journey.

Understanding the principles of humanistic counselling

Humanistic counselling covers a range of different types of therapeutic techniques that focus on a person as an individual with unique potential and abilities. Humanistic counselling is rooted in the belief that every individual has the capacity for personal growth and self-understanding. So instead of concentrating on what is wrong with people, this type of counselling is more focused on helping them overcome challenges through personal growth.

In humanistic counselling, the counsellor acts as a facilitator, creating a safe and non-judgemental space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The principles of humanistic counselling align closely with the values and intentions of magick as therapy, making it a natural fit for integration.

Exploring magick as therapy; the therapeutic effects of magick practise

Most magickal practitioners, through their practise, use a wide range of techniques, rituals, and beliefs that can produce an effect for change in the real world.  From spellwork and divination to meditation and energy healing, we would argue that magick offers a versatile toolkit for personal growth, wellbeing and transformation

We have posted previously on the benefits of a belief in magick and how magick can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. For us, the therapeutic effects of magickal practise are manifold. By engaging with symbolic rituals and intention setting, individuals can connect with their subconscious mind, access their inner wisdom, and manifest positive change in their lives. Magickal practise also promotes mindfulness, self-awareness, and spiritual connection, which are also essential elements of the therapeutic process for humanistic counsellors.

The synergy between humanistic counselling and magick 

The integration of humanistic counselling and magick creates a powerful synergy that enhances the therapeutic effects of both modalities. Humanistic counselling provides a solid foundation for a therapeutic relationship, fostering trust, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. On the other hand, humanistic magick as a therapeutic tool can bring depth and richness to the counselling process, potentially offering clients a unique and transformative way to tap into their subconscious mind, access their inner wisdom, and facilitate healing and personal growth.

This could easily be provided in a supportive environment led by a practising humanistic magick practitioner, but the ability for anybody to explore humanistic magickal practise exists. One could certainly employ humanistic magick techniques without fear of judgement or criticism alone or with a suitable teacher.

Incorporating humanistic counselling techniques into magickal practise

One of the key ways to incorporate humanistic counselling techniques in magick practise is through encouraging people to set clear intentions, goals, and affirmations, aligning with the principles of humanistic counselling and by empowering them to take an active role in their healing process.

For example, if you find anxiety challenging or hold issues around self-esteem, then you may find solace and empowerment through the practise of candle magick combined with guided meditation or affirmations. If this is coupled with a talking therapy, then engaging in rituals that symbolically represent wants and needs, could make it possible to experience a profound shift in self-perception and a reduction in symptoms.

We have experience in grappling with grief and loss, for us we found comfort and healing through the practise of magick combined with employing counselling techniques. For example, by creating a sacred, spiritual, space for reflection through guided meditation we found that we were more able to begin to process emotions and gain insight into our journey through loss. This coupled with therapeutic techniques such as journaling helped us ultimately find some sense of meaning and purpose in the loss we experienced.

If you often hold negative beliefs or engage in negative self-talk, then you may find using tarot cards to reflect knowledge buried in the subconscious can provide insight as to where these thoughts originate. If this is coupled with a counsellor asking the right questions in a safe and non-judgemental space, this could create room for self-expression and exploration.

Embracing the power of humanistic magick as a form of therapy

The integration of humanistic counselling and magick is what we call humanistic magick. We believe it offers a unique and transformative approach to healing and personal growth, as well as a useful framework for magickal practise. Through the combination of different humanistic therapeutic techniques with the ancient wisdom and spiritual practises of magick, we believe that anyone can tap into the power of their minds to facilitate profound healing and positive change that complements any traditional health programme. 

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