Unlock the Magick of Guided Meditations: Top Tips for Creating Meaningful Verbal Guidance

Do you ever feel put on the spot when leading others in a guided meditation? Maybe you’re struggle with pacing, metaphors, or wonder if you’re not saying enough, or maybe you’re saying too much? Perhaps you have thought about offering guided meditations to your clients, but don’t know where to start?

This week’s article is just what you need. It’s our top tips when looking at things like language and pacing in your guided meditations. Click the link to get these tips!

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities: The Intersection of Magick and The Multiverse

The concept of the multiverse has a lot of the science world stumped. Is there just our universe? Or are there lots of them?

If there are lots of universes, can we get to them? Do we notice them interacting with ours at all?

We have a lot of thoughts about stuff like this. So we’re sharing them this week as we delve into the mysterious world of magick and the multiverse.

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Unlock Your Inner Wisdom: The Power of Meditation

Imagine there was one thing you could do to switch on any powerful or magick abilities that may be dormant within you. Or one thing you could do tap into your mind to help yourself or others around you.

There is. This article sets of the power of meditation as the only thing you need to do if you’re looking to unlock those abilities inside you.

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Manifesting Abundance Through Magick

Are you looking for ways to manifest abundance in your life? Hopefully, you’ve guessed that magick can help here. But how?

In this week’s article we will show you how to magick can be used to bring you more of what you want into your life.

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A Step-by-Step Process to Setting Intentions in Magick

Business leaders and sports personalities often talk about setting intentions in order to achieve successful outcomes. Does this apply to magick? And if it does, how do you set intentions?

In this week’s article we will explore what intentions in magick are and share a short process for setting intentions that you can try today.

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Guided Meditation: In This Moment

Being ‘in the moment’ means focusing on just one thing. This might be a conversation, a task or simply just sitting without wanting to be somewhere else.

Being in the moment allows us to connect with all there is to experience around us and allows us to be more present in life.

Click the link to get this ‘no music’ meditation and spend 30 minutes being in the moment.

What’s the point of meditation?

Meditation is a kind of quiet practise where a certain amount of time and effort is dedicated in order to pay special attention to a meditation object. But why?

What is the point of meditation and what does it have to do with magick? In this article we explore a couple of types of meditation and try to connect the ‘why bother?’ not only to magickal practise but also why it matters generally. Click the link!

How To Meditate

Meditation is a kind of quiet practice where a certain amount of time and effort is dedicated in order to pay special and very close attention to a meditation object. So how hard can that be? And can anybody do it?

Guided Meditation: Moving On In Peace

Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of wanting a situation to have turned out differently than it did. This is a guided meditation to invite you to release any thoughts and attachments that are holding onto you so that you can move on in peace.

Guided Meditation: Being Present

Being present is a state where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now, and when we try not to let our thoughts distract us. This video will guide you through a meditation so that you can learn to remain present,