Exploring the Infinite Possibilities: The Intersection of Magick and The Multiverse

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We have often wondered what lies beyond our universe. For example, what if there is a parallel universe, or maybe even an infinite number of them, all coexisting with our reality? If there is,  what if there are ways to tap into these alternate universes and harness their power?

When we’re not winning arguments in our heads with people who don’t know we’re mad at them, we lie awake at night thinking whether magick and this idea of “the multiverse” intersects……

The concept of the multiverse has long been a topic of intrigue for scientists and science fiction enthusiasts alike. So, we thought we’d weigh in. Naturally, as magickal people we are just bound to have our opinion taken seriously by sciencey people! So join us as we delve into the mysterious world of magick and the multiverse.

Understanding the multiverse theory

We saw a TikTok on multiverse theory once so we’re experts now. Obvs. No, we know science is hard so we’re not even going to pretend we will get this correct, and we have probably butchered our limited understanding of it, despite numerous readings of Brian Greene’s book.

The multiverse theory in science is a concept that proposes the existence of multiple universes, potentially each with their own set of physical laws and characteristics. The idea suggests that our own universe is just one of many, and that there are an infinite number of parallel universes out there. 

In modern times, the concept of the multiverse has gained more traction with scientists and physicists exploring the possibility (and disagreeing with each other) of its existence. There are theories that suggest that these parallel universes exist alongside our own, but we are unable to see or interact with them due to their differing physical laws. 

What if we could interact with them though? Is what we consider ‘magick’ a method by which we can access these alternate dimensions and explore their unique properties?

Magick and its connection to the multiverse

So….if we think of magick as the art of manipulating reality through intention, willpower, and visualisation, it can be thought of as the practise of using natural energies and forces to bring about change.

Some believe that if everything in the universe is connected, that we can tap into these connections, or infinite possibilities, to bring about change. This could be said to be in line with some concepts of the multiverse, at least those concepts that suggest that there are infinite possibilities each playing out in their own way in another universe.

Magickal people would argue that it’s possible to tap into all of these infinite possibilities across all universes, not just the one we’re physically in. As such, if this is the case, we can see why many magickal practitioners believe that the multiverse is a natural extension of magick, and that by accessing these alternate realities, we can both unlock the full potential of our magickal abilities but also “force” any of the infinite possibilities into being.

How to access the multiverse through magick

We know from pop culture, and science fiction shows, that accessing the multiverse is no easy feat, and it requires a significant amount of practise, dedication, unimaginable wealth and possibly even some superhero friends. But what if there were really easy ways that we think of as “magick” that can be used to explore the multiverse? Let’s imagine for a hot minute that there are. Just go with it. 

So, let’s imagine that one method for exploring the multiverse is through meditation. We know that through meditation, we can quiet our minds and focus our intention, allowing us to access higher states of consciousness. What if this is all we need to be able to explore alternate dimensions? How cool is it to imagine that through visualisation, that if we imagined ourselves travelling through different planes of existence, we actually do travel to other realms?

We have also posted before about whether tarot cards are actually tapping into a possibility of one possible future, and then bringing into our reality just by knowing about it. This could be how to access the multiverse through the use of magickal tools. Perhaps we’re not physically going to another plane of existence or travelling to different dimensions, but maybe we’re pulling data from them into our universe?

What if what we think of as different planes of existence are just the multiverse?

The multiverse may be made up of many different planes of existence, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. It would be awesome if these planes were just how the multiverse shows up for us. 

For example, magickal people use words like “the astral plane”. For magickal people, this plane of existence is believed to be a realm where our consciousness, the bits of us that make us who we are but not our physical bodies, can travel and explore. It is done intentionally, often as part of meditation. Some people describe this as a place of great beauty and wonder, where we can connect with other beings of consciousness and potentially gain insight into our own nature. What if this place is a real place? What if it is just another universe? 

What about the concept of heaven (or insert afterlife place name of your choosing)? It’s not magickal per se, and of course not something we would suggest having a go at trying to find…..but there are certainly a helluva lot of people who have experienced near death, that have come back and talked about a place of pure energy and vibration, and feelings of love and peace. Is it so wacky to consider that where we might go when we die is another universe?  

We also may wish to consider different states of consciousness as possibly a way of observing or interacting with these universes. Even something mundane and everyday like daydreaming and even dreaming when we are asleep. Or perhaps less mundane and everyday such as the taking of psychedelics to change a state of consciousness. Are these experiences simply one way of seeing another universe?

Is magickal multiverse exploration possible?

Honestly? We don’t know. Even science can’t agree that there even are other universes or how many. But it’s just nice to think about it in the wider context of magickal practise. So thinking in terms of next time you are meditating, what if you are exploring alternate dimensions and planes of existence? Next time you read tarot, what if you consider that you are tapping into the infinite possibilities playing out in all the other universes?

We don’t have the answers today so we will probably still find ourselves laying awake at night considering the intersection of magick and the multiverse, and the wealth of possibilities and opportunities for exploration from both the science world and the magickal world.

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