Exploring the Infinite Possibilities: The Intersection of Magick and The Multiverse

The concept of the multiverse has a lot of the science world stumped. Is there just our universe? Or are there lots of them?

If there are lots of universes, can we get to them? Do we notice them interacting with ours at all?

We have a lot of thoughts about stuff like this. So we’re sharing them this week as we delve into the mysterious world of magick and the multiverse.

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Magick is not just ‘woo’. How Visualisation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Visualisation is a powerful tool for achieving goals and objectives. Including all those work based goals and objectives. You will see that it’s not just a tool for the woo and magickally minded!

In this week’s article, we will discuss what visualisation is and how you can use it to set and achieve your goals.

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