Can Tarot predict the future?

Can Tarot predict the future by Magenta School of Magick

Deck shown is the Rider Waite Smith Tarot published by US Games. Photo by Magenta

Back in October 2021, we did an example reading for our own year ahead. Looking towards 2022. It was peppered with warnings of juggling too many responsibilities, having our energy sapped by other people, probable burnout and needing lots of self care. Our career focus would change and that in 2022 we will be working our socks off to rise to a boss position against a backdrop of imposter syndrome. As we are almost at the year end, we are struck by how accurate this year ahead reading was (as several months worth of Card of The Day instagram posts will also demonstrate)

So we find ourselves asking….Can tarot predict the future? If it can, does this mean we were always fated by what the tarot cards told us?

Fate vs Free will vs creating reality

Ages ago we published an article on fate vs free will  and we stand firm that when choice is offered to us, it is up to us to take the road that is offered. By this we mean that we need free will to be able to choose what ‘fate’ may be offering. 

We now find ourselves wondering if the same can be said of tarot. So, we know that tarot cards can provide valuable insight into difficult situations. After all, many people consult the tarot when faced with making difficult choices. Tarot can certainly provide guidance, advice and even a glimpse into the possibilities if one path is taken or another. So tarot predicts the future, right?

What if tarot cards were even weirder than that. What if tarot cards are like 78 little Escher staircases, all simultaneously manifesting certain futures as well as warning us of them. That is pretty freaky so let’s explain what we mean.

Tarot as a tool for predicting the future

Tarot is an incredibly useful tool for reflecting back what might be already on your mind. So when we turn the cards over, what you might be worrying about could be shown in the cards. So depending on how far along the road we are with certain events in motion, tarot could be used to help steer the course with advice. Especially if the reading isn’t looking all that positive.

That sounds very helpful. Thank you tarot!

Yeah but wait…what if tarot cards doubling down on what we’re already worried about actually makes it happen?

Tarot creating the future

What if tarot telling us what’s the what actually manifests outcomes. Nothing is more powerful in magick than the power to believe something into existence. In fact, it is a cornerstone of most magickal practise.

So what if a tarot reading settles nicely into the unconscious mind like a burrowing owl and then we start working towards it, even if this is unintentional?

Is it possible? If so, that’s a terrifying thought. Of course, it would be awesome if this only happened with those really great readings where the outcomes are all positive. 

Tarot as a cheat code 

If we did accept the idea that fate is something that is carefully mapped out for us, whether we make fate with our brain or tarot has the scoop on our life’s road map. Hopefully tarot can act a little bit like SatNav, showing us the best route along our road of life.

We can still make choices, using our free will, based on what the tarot tells us. We can still decide to get stuck in a road block, whether this was a prediction by tarot or whether we were told it might happen and we dutifully manifest into reality by accident. Forewarned is still forearmed.

So going back to whether our 2022 was fated….perhaps. We were forewarned. Whether we then went off and made it all happen, we don’t know. Still, our circumstances often meant we weren’t in control of other people’s actions sadly.

If nothing else, we’re taking the lesson that the Wheel of Fortune always turns and that tarot always had our back with advice and support. Whether or not our 2022 was manifested by us or predicted by the cards, it was still useful having the road map so we could plan for the bumpy ride.

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