Finding the balance between fate and free will

The debate between fate and free will may never be fully resolved, but rather than seeing these concepts as opposing forces, we can try to view them as complementary aspects of our lives.

There is probably a balance to be struck between the inherent uncertainty and unpredictability of life and the ability to make choices that shape our future.

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Can Tarot predict the future?

Does Tarot predict the future? What if Tarot was weirder than that. What if Tarot cards are manifesting certain futures as well as warning us of them? In this article we try to work out if Tarot is like the Penrose/Escher staircase.

Fate or free-will?

Photo by Jemma Astrologers predicted that 2020 would be intense and important, that major changes and the unsettling of institutions would be triggered by crises. Some astrologers even predicted that these huge changes would be about health. So does this mean 2020 was fated? Are we beholden to our fate, or do we have free-will? Continue reading “Fate or free-will?”