Finding the balance between fate and free will

The debate between fate and free will may never be fully resolved, but rather than seeing these concepts as opposing forces, we can try to view them as complementary aspects of our lives.

There is probably a balance to be struck between the inherent uncertainty and unpredictability of life and the ability to make choices that shape our future.

Click the link to get this week’s article and find the balance between fate and free will.

Using Lenormand meanings to read tea leaves 

Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 cards with simplistic pictures on them that represent everyday situations. However, Instead of using 36 cards to divine, we propose applying the Lenormand meanings to any shapes made by tea leaves in the bottom of the cup.

We explain how to get to get the most of using Lenormand card meanings in this way in this article. Click the link!

Learning divination

Divination is a practice to understand a kind of hidden knowledge. Knowledge to help with life lessons, personal development or gaining special insight into how to solve problems. Is this something we can learn though? We believe anyone can learn how to divine using a wide range of methods and tools. Let’s explore that in this week’s article.

Spells under a minute: Reading tea using Lenormand

Today’s post only has a tenuous link with spell casting. The moon is in Scorpio this week and that’s our link. We demonstrate via video how to read tea leaves using lenormand card meanings and combinations

Our difficult relationship with runes

Back in the day before Latin was the GOAT in alphabet terms, runes were the letters that were used in a whole bunch of different alphabets known as runic alphabets. Here we’ll talk about one such alphabet.

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