Astrology in the Boardroom: Leveraging Cosmic Wisdom to Drive Business Growth

What if business leaders could use personality analysis tools to help them build diverse teams?

Ah, but they do! What if more business leaders embraced astrology as another insightful tool to help them with business growth?

This week’s article explores how astrology has real world business applications.

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Unlock the Secrets of Planetary Herbs: Tips for Incorporating Them into Your Magickal Routine

Working with the energy of planetary herbs can be a powerful way of enhancing your magickal practise.

This week’s article aims to give you some tips for using plants and herbs that correspond to the energy of the planets, and how you can do this safely and ethically.

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Using the Energy of the Astrological Houses for More Effective Magickal Work

Working with the energy of the astrological houses can be a powerful tool for enhancing your magickal practise.

This article aims to give you some basics of the astrological houses and how you can use them to align your intentions with the energy of the stars. We do this so that you can manifest your desires more effectively!

So, whatever you’re looking for, magickally speaking, there is an astrological house that can support your intentions. So click the link explore the power of the astrological houses in your magickal work!

Learning divination

Divination is a practice to understand a kind of hidden knowledge. Knowledge to help with life lessons, personal development or gaining special insight into how to solve problems. Is this something we can learn though? We believe anyone can learn how to divine using a wide range of methods and tools. Let’s explore that in this week’s article.

Fate or free-will?

Photo by Jemma Astrologers predicted that 2020 would be intense and important, that major changes and the unsettling of institutions would be triggered by crises. Some astrologers even predicted that these huge changes would be about health. So does this mean 2020 was fated? Are we beholden to our fate, or do we have free-will? Continue reading “Fate or free-will?”