Fate or free-will?

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Astrologers predicted that 2020 would be intense and important, that major changes and the unsettling of institutions would be triggered by crises.

Some astrologers even predicted that these huge changes would be about health.

So does this mean 2020 was fated? Are we beholden to our fate, or do we have free-will? 

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Well, we don’t think it’s one or the other. We like to think of fate and free-will as working together in one concept. 

If we accept the idea that fate is something that is carefully mapped out for us, we like to think that fate is made up of all possible outcomes, not just one. Working a little bit like probabilities in maths. If we can get on board with that idea, for us, the free-will bit is where “choice” comes in. The actions taken, or not taken, when fate presents something. 

For us, fate and free-will are all those “Sliding Doors” moments (google it, kids) working together. Fate shows up all the time inviting us to choose. For example, fate may show up as a random introduction to someone or a random email that may open up opportunities to choose from. Free will is then what we choose to do with that random email, or after meeting that new person.

How often do we just take a pause? Just a small pause to ask “why did this happen today?” Not one of those ranty pauses when things go wrong during the day….a curious pause. A pause to reflect back. We think that by taking a pause before reacting, we give our free will the best chance of working with fate. For example, if we recieve a random email…we ask ourselves does it connect to anything we might be seeking? Is this random email the start to realising the opportunity?

We invite you to pause now. Think about where you are right now and the people you have met along the way. Think about all the steps you took that led to you reading this. Think about all those free will choices you made that connected you to us. All those choices and making a different choice, at any one of moments in the past, might have led you to a different place or to meeting different people.

So going back to whether 2020 was fated….perhaps. But as humans, we always had a choice to plan for something as eventful as a novel virus. Even if we chose not to look to the stars for the information, we had a choice to look at history or science for the information. Remember – not acting when fate comes along is also us exercising our free-will. 

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