A Step-by-Step Process to Setting Intentions in Magick

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Manifesting your desires through setting intentions is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries. Setting intentions is not even unique to magick. Business leaders and sports personalities set intentions in order to achieve successful outcomes. Whether you are new to the world of magick or a seasoned practitioner, setting intentions can help you achieve your goals and manifest your true desires. But how do you set intentions? What does this even mean? In this article we will explore what intentions in magick are and share a short process for setting intentions in magick. From understanding the basics of magick to mastering the art of visualisation, this article will hopefully will take you on a journey to unlocking your true potential. So, grab your journal, light some candles, and let’s dive into the world of magick and intention setting. Are you ready to transform your life? Let’s begin.

Understanding intentions and their role in magick

Before we dive into the world of magick, it’s important to understand the basics of intention-setting and what they are. Intentions are simply the thoughts and desires we hold in our minds about what we want to achieve or experience. Think of intentions like a set of objectives or a deliverable. When we set intentions in magick, we are essentially sending a message to the universe (or insert appropriate power centre of your choosing) about what we want. The universe then responds by bringing us opportunities and experiences that align with our intentions.

We mentioned earlier that the power of intention-setting is absolutely not limited to the world of magick. So in the world of business we might see intentions as company mission statements or written in a business plan. There are so many successful people who attribute their success to their ability to set clear intentions. 

So it’s no different in magick. The key to setting intentions and for those intentions to then manifest, is to be clear and specific about what you want. The only difference with magick, is that oftentimes there is a ritual involved when setting intentions and then sending those inventions out into the Universe.

The 5-step process of setting intentions for magick

The key to successful outcomes, magickally speaking, is to be clear and specific about what you want. This means taking the time to really think about what you want to achieve, and then setting intentions that align with those desires. Now that we have a basic understanding of what intentions are, let’s dive into the 5-step process of setting intentions for magick.

Step 1: Start from a place of belief. The first step to understanding the power of intention and how it can help you manifest your desires, is understanding the role belief has. We have described in a previous article that taking the time to really believe in the power of your intentions and to trust that the universe will bring you what you desire is an essential component of magick. So start from a place of belief first, not belief after the Universe has delivered. 

Step 2: The science behind intention-setting. While magick may seem like a mysterious and mystical practice, we like to think there is actually a lot of science behind the power of intention-setting. We share some of the research into the power that thought and belief has through our Magick Discovered course, and we know that positive intention and a goal focus mindset delivers real world results. So many successful people have championed intention setting as key, so this science can certainly have magickal applications.

Step 3: Choosing the right intention for you. The next step is to choose the right intention for you. This means taking the time to really think about what you want to achieve and to set intentions that align with your desires. This can take quite a bit of work to figure out, so we’d invite you to really look at your values and beliefs and ensure your intentions align with what you want, rather than what you think others would want for you. There is also potentially some work to do to clear out any ‘success resistance’ before you set intentions. You can do this by really embracing your emotions and working through any fear of success.

Step 4: Crafting a personal intention statement. Once you have chosen your intention, it’s important to craft a personal intention statement. This statement should be clear, specific, written in the present tense (as though you have already achieved it) and written using positive language, such as “I have success” rather than “I am not failing”.

Step 5: Incorporating visualisation and affirmations. The final step is to incorporate visualisation (or vision boards) and incantations into your intention-setting practise. Visualisation is useful to use for Step 3 as it involves imagining yourself already living the life you desire, while incantations represent the verbal expression to help reinforce your intentions.

Enhancing your intentions with magickal correspondences

In addition to the 5-step process of setting intentions, you can also enhance your intentions by using magickal correspondences. This is the extra bit of sparkle that perhaps business leaders and sports personalities miss out. But we’re magickal people, so let’s add some magick! 

Magickal correspondences are all those symbolic associations that you believe have certain energies or properties. It’s important that you work within the framework you have your belief in, because by incorporating these correspondences into your intention-setting, you can amplify the power of your intentions. Belief is central to that, see Step 1 in the process above!

Some common correspondences you may wish to include could be coloured candles or crystals. Lots of people, magickal or otherwise, feel that colours and coloured candles can have their own energies and properties. It is important that you use colours that mean something to you when choosing candles and crystals.

Plants and herbs are another correspondence you may wish to use in the magickal side of intention setting. Different plants can have useful properties and energies for magickal practise. Our magick follows the rules of astral magick, so we use planetary herbs. Like the colour correspondences, it is important to find plants and herbs that mean something to you. 

Incorporating correspondences into your intention-setting practice can be as simple as lighting a candle of the appropriate colour, carrying a crystal that perhaps resonates with your intention, or burning a specific herb during your intention-setting ritual.

Common pitfalls when setting intentions and how to avoid them

As we’ve explained in the 5 step process, one important thing to keep in mind when setting intentions is that our thoughts and beliefs play a powerful role in the intention setting process. If we hold limiting beliefs or negative thoughts, these could unintentionally block any opportunities that are trying to come our way. So try to work through these, or at least be mindful of them, when setting intentions.

Another big pitfall when setting intentions is striking the balance between lack of clarity and being far too specific. If your intentions are either too vague or general or focus too much on how they will be achieved, you may not get the results you want. It’s a bit of a trick, but there is a balance to be struck between knowing what you want and then simply letting go of how you will get it and when it needs to get here. 

Which leads us onto the pitfall of impatience. Magick often takes time and it certainly takes patience. It’s important to trust the process and stay focused on your intentions, even if you don’t see immediate results.

Knowing when results show up is our final pitfall. Magick in our world is not the same as the CGI world of films and TV. It’s important to remain open to new opportunities, seeing these opportunities through the lens of your intentions and to trust that the universe is always guiding us towards what is best for us.

So now you should know a little more about what setting intentions in magick means and by using the simple process, you can unlock your true potential and achieve your goals. Remember to stay focused on your intentions, to trust the process, and to be open to new opportunities. With these tools and techniques, you can magickally manifest the life of your dreams.

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