These 4 items are essential for spell work, but they’re not what you think.

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This seems like an unashamed attempt to lure you, my dear reader, to some pointless article that has nothing to do with the title. But we promise you our feature today is genuinely about the surprising items that we feel are essential for spell work. So if you’re finding your magick is getting stuck or having unexpected results. Check out these four essential things. 

They’re not what you think because these essential items live within easy reach inside you (in a brain sciencey way, not a gross gooey way). They’re not what you think because they cost absolutely nothing. They’re not what you think because perhaps our take on these things may give you food for thought. 

For us, magick (and of course spell work is a part of that) is all about tapping into the possibility of events happening so that we can manifest the outcomes we want. 

Right, nothing weird so far….

Let’s push on that door a little <sound of a creepy door opening>

Essential item number one. Positive thinking. 

Pfft, what is this? Some obvious bait and switch article? You’re not falling for that. Fair enough, however our dear friend Science (oh hey there Science, don’t be shy…c’mon in cause you’re in this one a lot) does suggest that long-term positive thinking can create constructive outcomes for people who walk about with that mindset. Whereas long-term negative thinking leading to stress, creates non-constructive outcomes. Doesn’t that sound interesting? We think so.

Whilst we’re not suggesting Science here with it’s stating the obvious has provided proof magick works, no…we’ll spare Science’s blushes for today, but it does suggest that keeping that front brain switched on to “positive thought” during the spell will aid in results.

But sure, you’re already doing that, during the spell right? How about the day after that and the day after that? Oh and all the days leading up to it? Thinking consciously and positively in the days leading up to it, and beyond helps. This sounds like hard work, but if positive thinking leads to attracting positive outcomes, we have to play our part and show up everyday. Magick can’t do all of it by itself. So practicing that positive mindset away from the altar is essential.

Essential item number two. Own your OWN rituals.

Ah ritual. A cornerstone of spell work, right? You’re pretty sure you’ve been sucked into some right old clickbait. But hang on a second. Just who’s ritual is that you’ve learned? Again, our friend Science loves a good ritual, (although Science hates that cause it can’t say why they work).

Rituals work best of all when they connect deeply to the practitioner. A copied ritual is fine, but an owned ritual that you create will hammer home those magick results.

What if there is no ritual? That’s fine too cause if you own that decision (and we mean that the decision to not do one connects deeply to how you believe magick works) you’re creating magick your way.

Honestly, consider whether you’re getting in your own way by practicing a ritual you don’t really believe in, just because everyone else does it that way. It could be holding you back. 

Essential item number three. See results when you believe it and not believing it when you see it.

How many of us saw this one coming on the list? Sure, everyone. But let’s just pause for a second….cause how many of us have ever had that sneaky thought of ‘I’ll believe in this little bit if I can just see it first’ 

Our friend Science over here says that the brain, and what it believes is happening, is central to achieving results.Tsk, nerd. 

Well, ok, It might seem like miles away from a spiritual practice, but if we indulge our nerdy friend Science and suggest the practice of magick can be a psychological as well as a spiritual process for a hot minute.

Let’s think of magick and spell casting like we’re trying to prepare the unconscious to get it to work towards some kind of goal. And to do that we (as magickal awesome people) build in a ritual, and we say some words, we include a deity or the moon or whoever cause that’s our jam. We do all that in order to condition our unconscious mind to get to work on bringing in all those constructive changes we’ve asked for through something awesome called magick. Believing in it all up front, and not after, is kinda part of the deal. 

Sure, that’s hard. Like the positive thinking one, but you gotta believe it to see it. It doesn’t work the other way round. 

Essential item number four. You make the rules.

Last one. Hopefully you can see how we’re trying to open up the dialogue and flip the script a bit on magick and spell casting. That it might not be about what chants you say, or what plants you use. You control your magick and sure, maybe you’ve heard that you get to make the rules and you decide what your magick is. 

But how far have you seriously taken this? For example, we’re always banging on about correspondences here at Magenta. We have this article on the colours of magick and this one mostly ranting about the Liber 777, but thinking consciously about the tools you use is important. Even if this means ripping up the rule book. You can have your own magick, use your own colours (or no colours) your own herbs (or no herbs). 

You can totally create your own system, we have. There’s a link below and you can see how we do things (we get Science involved a lot. Much to Science’s annoyance), but we tried it other people’s way and it wasn’t working out the way we wanted it to. Mostly because we couldn’t get on board with someone else’s ideas that we felt weren’t right for us to use.

If you’re finding your magick is getting stuck or having unexpected results. Check back over these four essential things. This is all you need to make anything happen. 

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