Guided Meditation: Understanding self esteem

If you struggle with self-esteem, perhaps paying far too attention to that inner critic, sometimes looking to the past can be a helpful way to understand where this comes from.

Today’s meditation is an invitation to give younger you a bit of a cuddle as you explore where any self esteem issues may have come from.

Click the link to get this meditation!

Guided Meditation: Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts

Negative thoughts are conscious or subconscious thoughts that occur in response to everyday events. We can challenge negative thoughts by looking at them from a distance and reviewing the substance behind those thoughts.

Guided Meditation: Release confidence blocks

Many of us form blocks about our abilities and skills. We question whether we are good enough. These questions and blocks can then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them.

This guided meditation aims to do just that. Click the link, now.

What’s the point of meditation?

Meditation is a kind of quiet practise where a certain amount of time and effort is dedicated in order to pay special attention to a meditation object. But why?

What is the point of meditation and what does it have to do with magick? In this article we explore a couple of types of meditation and try to connect the ‘why bother?’ not only to magickal practise but also why it matters generally. Click the link!

Guided Meditation: Reframing failure

Failure. It creates such an emotive response in the mind, and heart! Nobody enjoys the feelings associated with having failed at something.

Let’s flip the script on that word ‘failure’. Instead, if we reframe the concept of ‘you’ve failed’ to ‘you need to learn from this before you can succeed’ and then try to draw valuable insights from the experience. It turns failing into learning.

Click the link for this free guided meditation to help reframe failure.

Guided Meditation: See It To Believe It

The very essence of magick is learning how to “see” an outcome in order to bring into reality. Using these techniques can take some time to learn, so today’s meditation is more a practice in what visualisation (especially in a magickal context) really means.

Guided Meditation: Accessing inner wisdom

Everyone has access to their own inner wisdom, but sometimes we get stuck in our own heads or we get stuck in logic thinking patterns which means our intuition can’t get a word in. This guided meditation can help clear the chatter.

Guided Meditation: Release money blocks

Many of us form blocks about our ability to access money. These then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them. This guided meditation aims to do just that!

Guided Meditation: Finding success

The past is a great way to learn about what makes us successful. Learning from the past can give us clues to finding success at new goals.
This is a guided meditation to help you find out what made you successful in the past, in order to apply that today

Guided Meditation: Relaxation anchor

This guided meditation uses an NLP technique to anchor a state of relaxation to a very simple movement in your body. The idea being that when you can recall this relaxed state at any point, just by applying the anchor.

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