A Leap of Confidence: Empowering Yourself with Magickal Self Esteem for Magickal Success

Within our humanistic magickal framework is a sense that positive outcomes come from a positive mindset.

Our self esteem can have an impact on our ability to perceive a better outcome for ourselves. This week’s article explores how to boost self esteem in order to attract opportunities.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Using Spirituality To Propel Your Personal Growth

One positive step towards personal growth starts with a desire to welcome a little more spirituality into your life.

This week’s article looks at how embracing spiritual tools like tarot and magick can help you unlock your true potential.

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Magick is not just ‘woo’. How Visualisation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Visualisation is a powerful tool for achieving goals and objectives. Including all those work based goals and objectives. You will see that it’s not just a tool for the woo and magickally minded!

In this week’s article, we will discuss what visualisation is and how you can use it to set and achieve your goals.

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Guided Meditation: Finding success

The past is a great way to learn about what makes us successful. Learning from the past can give us clues to finding success at new goals.
This is a guided meditation to help you find out what made you successful in the past, in order to apply that today

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