Spells under a minute: Mind over matter

Follow along with this video so you too can cast spells!

The waning moon is in Gemini this week. So this is a good time to work a little magick to remove any blocks and reduce your learning curve.

Click the link to view this short video and download your free spell!

Guided Meditation: Release relationship blocks

Many of us form blocks about our ability to form new friendships or relationships. We question whether we choose the wrong people, whether we are a magnet for toxic relationships or where the good people are all hiding?

These questions and blocks can then become limiting beliefs. By accessing where these beliefs came from, we can challenge them.

This guided meditation aims to do just that. Click the link, now.

Guided Meditation: Releasing limiting beliefs

A limiting belief is a belief created, when for some reason, we decided we were unable to do something.

If only we could travel back in time to look at those events and figure out where these beliefs come from.

This is a guided mediation aimed at doing that. Click the link to go back to where any limiting belief started for you.

Guided Meditation: Releasing limiting beliefs

A guided mediation to release a limiting belief about yourself

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