Finding Clarity and Connection: Using Tarot as a Tool for Team Building Success

Tarot provides a unique perspective on individual strengths and helps people work through any challenges.

What if your brought this insight into work? By incorporating Tarot into team building workshops and activities, organisations can create an inclusive and engaging environment that promotes self-reflection and open dialogue.

This week’s article explores how Tarot has real world business applications.

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Maximising the Impact of Tarot Readings with Counselling Techniques: A Quick Dive into the Benefits of Integration

Integrating counselling techniques into your tarot readings can be a game changer for you as a tarot reader.

In this article we unpack integrating tarot with counselling techniques so that you can help your clients gain deeper insights into their lives and make positive changes.

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Using tarot cards to uncover inner strength

Tarot cards have been used as an amazing tool to uncover hidden truths and gain greater insight into the subconscious. The tarot acts like a mirror, reflecting back all that hidden knowledge buried.

This is why we believe that tarot cards can provide a unique and powerful way for individuals to uncover their inner strength when faced with challenges. It’s all in there and this article can give some pointers as to how to do this. Click the link!

Spells under a minute: Intuitive Inspiration

Follow along with this video complete with free downloadable spell so you too can cast spells! The waxing moon is in Pisces this week, so this is a good time for a spell to tap into intuitive inspiration for any issues you’re stuck on.

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Endings and New Beginnings Tarot Spread

Tarot can be a useful tool to look at what issues are resolving, and what should be our focus for a new start.

This is our version of 10 card Endings and New Beginnings tarot spread.

We explain in this article how to lay the cards out and how the cards interlink with each other. Only two of the cards should actually be read as the ‘block’ or ‘shadow’ side. Everything else should be read with loving kindness, after all the cards have totally got your back!

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