Guided Meditation: Three good things

We’re trying something new here at Magenta School of Magick. As the nights draw in and autumn comes, we too can find our own sense of self shifting in these darker months. We have been running a three part series of interconnected meditations throughout September looking at Tackling Depression.
This is part three. Distracting the mind by recalling events that took place the day before can be helpful. In this meditation we are looking at what took place yesterday, even if all that happened was waking up and having something to eat. Then reframing one aspect to label it as ‘one good thing’.

Guided Meditation: Gratitude practice

Photo by Jemma The emotions of “awe” and “gratitude” are so important in our health and wellbeing. We can experience these feelings of awe and gratitude by just taking a moment to notice how amazing our own bodies are. All the hard work they do, all the protection they give us and support. By feelingContinue reading “Guided Meditation: Gratitude practice”

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