Guided Meditation: Being Present

Photos by Magenta

Being present is a state where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now, and when we try not to let our thoughts distract us.

Sometimes we all catch ourselves wandering off, away from the present moment when we really ought to be paying attention. Maybe this is at work or in class, or simply as we move about in the world, as sometimes we can physically be in one place but our mind has travelled off somewhere else 

This is a partially guided meditation to invite you to pay attention to your environment and your place within it. It’s a place to start building up your ability to remain present.

Meditation practice can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising meditative techniques to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with meditation.

If you have questions about this just reach out and ask. We’re happy to assist!

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