Guided Meditation: Being fully present

In May 2024, Magenta School of Magick and Clare Willmitt Wellness are hosting a mindful magickal retreat.

To celebrate, our guided meditations over September will focus on the practise of Mindfulness.

To close off this Mindful Month, our final mindfulness meditation is an invitation to fully focus on the present moment, whether this is the environment you are in or any sensations in the body.

Click the link to get this guided meditation and follow the link to our eventbrite page, to register your interest in our wellness retreat!

Guided Meditation: Simply Be

Simply being present is where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now.

This 15 minute meditation is an invitation to pay attention to your environment and your place within it, without judgement.

Click the link!

Guided Meditation: In This Moment

Being ‘in the moment’ means focusing on just one thing. This might be a conversation, a task or simply just sitting without wanting to be somewhere else.

Being in the moment allows us to connect with all there is to experience around us and allows us to be more present in life.

Click the link to get this ‘no music’ meditation and spend 30 minutes being in the moment.

Guided Meditation: Being Present

Being present is a state where we remain focused and engaged in the here and now, and when we try not to let our thoughts distract us. This video will guide you through a meditation so that you can learn to remain present,

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