Guided Meditation: Your Tree of Knowledge

Photo by Magenta

Everyone has access to their own inner wisdom, but sometimes we get stuck in our own heads or we get stuck in logic thinking patterns which means our intuition can’t get a word in.

If we can learn to quiet the chatter brain when we ask the difficult questions, there’s every chance the answer will come. Your inner wisdom is all right there waiting for you to access it.

This video will guide you through a meditation practice for you to practice every day, so that you can access your inner wisdom whenever you want!

Meditation practice can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising meditative techniques to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with meditation.

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Published by Magenta School of Magick

We are a school for people who want to learn the 'philosophy and art of affecting change through (so far at least) unseen causes', also known as 'magick'.

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