The Moon in Magick

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The moon plays a huge part in magickal practice. Everything from the moon’s phases and what the moon is doing and when it is doing it through to the moon’s ‘characteristics’ are all useful in magick. 

Phases of the moon in magick

A “new” moon is when the moon is not visible to us here on Earth because the sun’s light can’t reach it. New moons don’t last very long, certainly no more than three days. 

A “waxing” moon is when the sun’s light hits the moon and appears to grow larger, from a small crescent shape until the moon is almost completely visible. 

A “full” moon occurs when the sun’s light completely fills the surface of the moon that faces Earth. Full moons, like new moons, dont last longer than about three days before they begin to wane. 

A “waning” moon is when the sun’s light hits the moon and appears to shrink, from an almost full moon to a small crescent shape.

Moon time

We specialise in astral magick, which basically means the rules we like to follow come from using the movements of the planets, including the moon, to time the magick. Lots of other practitioners do this when ‘waiting’ for a full moon or a new moon. We go a lot further to time magick and we believe there is a lot more to using the moon than people think, such as the characteristics and how nicely the moon plays with all the other space things up there. 

Characteristics of the Moon in magick

People used to imagine the moon and stars have personalities. The moon’s personality, or characteristics, come from astrology and it has associations with empathy and intuition. We also know the moon goes through a visible cycle, so this means the moon also has characteristics about adaptability to change. 

The moon when it moves across the sky in front of the 12 star signs brings out different sides to the characteristics the moon has. This is also what we mean by “a magickal correspondence”. The correspondences here between the moon and the star signs can give some extra power to magickal practice when the right kind of spell is worked at that right moment. 

The moon and the star signs

If we average out the maths, the moon spends about two and a half days in each of the 12 zodiac signs as it travels through the zodiac wheel. So it takes the moon about 28 days to complete its journey through all 12 signs. As the moon moves through the zodiac, the characteristics of the star sign bring out the characteristics of the moon that work best in that sign. This is important to get the right blend of characteristics for magickal purposes. 

The sign of Aries has characteristics of leadership and strong starts (or strong endings). The moon in Aries can be a great time to cast spells for self reflection, leadership confidence, protection and decisiveness.

Taurus has characteristics of patience, hard work and diligence. If you want to make sure you are well rewarded for all this hard work, cast a spell when the moon is in Taurus and aim to start your project at this time. 

The sign of Gemini has characteristics of communication and socialising. The moon in Gemini can be a good time to cast communication spells, such as improving communication and collaboration with others.

Cancer has characteristics of emotion, family and support for others. Cast a spell to open up or bless your home and family, or to reconnect with your emotions when the moon is in Cancer.

Leo’s characteristics of socialising, self-confidence and the achievement of goals. This means if you want to be noticed, casting an attraction spell when the moon is in Leo can put creative achievements in the spotlight.

Virgo has characteristics around skills, routine and structure. If you want more structure in your life, casting a spell when the moon is in Virgo to strengthen those routines, remove the clutter and chaos and bring awareness to finer details.

Libra’s characteristics of harmony and balance mean if you want to improve partnerships, cast a rebalancing spell when the moon is in Libra to secure improvement in these relationships.

The sign of Scorpio has characteristics of decay and things hidden. Cast a revelation spell when the moon is in Scorpio can bring your awareness to any aspect of the shadow side. These can be strong, passionate emotions so tread carefully!

Sagittarius has characteristics of expanding the mind and adventure. So, if you’re starting a new adventure such as a new job, a new hobby or maybe  travelling somewhere, bless this with an expansion spell when the moon is in Sagittarius.

The sign of Capricorn has characteristics of sticking to the rules. If you need to take a bit more responsibility, cast a binding spell when the moon is in Capricorn to bring intentions towards restricting unwanted behaviours and following those rules.

The sign of Aquarius has characteristics of renewal. Cast an inspiration spell when the moon is in Aquarius if you want to flex your independence or undertake some study where an injection of new thinking is needed.

Pisces has characteristics of compassion and spiritual matters, which makes the moon in Pisces a good time to cast spells that improve empathy and that strengthen intuition.

We have some free spells, based on the above timings, that you can download and use over on our Spells for Free page.

The moon ‘void-of-course’

As the moon moves through the zodiac it lines up with the other planets, which are also making their way through the signs. The moon moves so quickly through the signs it’s constantly “forming aspects” with other planets. Sometimes though, as the moon travels through the signs it runs out of planets to form angles with. When this happens the moon is considered “void-of-course” until it enters the next sign. when the moon is “void-of-course” it can be difficult to achieve anything magickally speaking, unless your desired outcome is not to be noticed!

Isn’t all this a bit much?

It’s the power that the archetype of the moon represents that is the important aspect. So working out what the moon is up to as it moves across the sky is worth a little investigation. Thankfully, the internet and apps do all the hard maths for us, so all we have to do is Google It to figure what the moon is doing and when it’ll be doing it as it moves through the various star signs.

If you have questions about this just reach out and ask. We’re happy to assist!

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