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That Magick Vodcast

Below you’ll find previous episodes of That Magick Vodcast if you prefer our video versions. This started in March 2022 as an 8 episode season. It’s a series looking at magickal topics such as tarot, lenormand and magickal powers to name a few. Check out the show notes for each episode for links to our free magick school articles on each of the topics.

That Magick Vodcast and other free magick articles by Magenta School of Magick

The video version of That Magick Podcast as hosted on YouTube. Feel free to select the closed captions option on the video, if this is helpful to you.

The One About Ethical Practice: Ep8.

This is our finale to Season 1! We open our show with a revelation to Someone that they have appeared in more episodes than they thought. A disturbing thought, we are sure, so we focus this episode on the ethics of magickal practice. Less about whether you should practice on or for others, more about the question os Western magickal practice and whether it is appropriated or appreciated.

Feel free to check out our article on a similar topic and we’ll be back for Season 2 later in 2022.

The One About Reading Tarot: Ep7.

Ah Tarot, you wonderfully confusing divination tool. In this episode we’ve saved the good gossip about our 7 steps to reading the tarot. We talk you through our own tarot practice, our personal experiences with tarot and try to dispel a few myths along the way.

Plus anything we mention in the episode you can double check on,  such as our 7 steps to reading the tarot article.

The One About Magick Powers: Ep6.

We open our show as Someone’s Marvel Lego display has been knocked over. By accident of course, but it begs the question who is more powerful than Captain Marvel? Welcome to our episode exploring magick powers and how they show up for us. Did we grow them in a lab? Or are we a result of a secret government experiment?

We have an article that acts as our show notes for the episode, feel free to check that out.

The One About Samhain or Beltane: Ep5.

Welcome to the musical episode! Or at least the musical cold opener. We open our show with a song, spring has sprung for us in the North so we focus the entire episode on our wonderful Southern Hemisphere friends. Those who are celebrating Samhain at this time of year can enjoy a little instructional New Year spread!

We have an article that acts as our show notes for the episode, feel free to check that out. Plus you’ll find our flash sale code for the magick school. Double win!

The Other One About Lenormand – The Graphite Moon Lenormand: Ep4.

We open our show discussing the possibility of selling our Graphite Moon Lenormand deck, although we don’t have a white book. We do, however, have our Lenormand Meanings pages on the website. Which as Someone points out, means less waste. This is our Lenormand meanings episode. We get into the detail of each card, including the astrology and relationship back to the 52 playing cards. This episode is quite a bit training focused, so gives anyone interested in learning the card meanings more detail. 

The One About Lenormand – 6 steps to Lenormand perfection: Ep3.

We open our show choking on our confusion about what we’re doing on this show. But that’s ok, then we settle in to the befuddlement that are nouns and adjectives and verbs in the wider context of Lenormand. We muddle our way through a three card reading and then head off to have a lay down in a dark room. This is a good first peek at the different ways to look at Lenormand and this is where you can find all our card meanings and two-card combinations.

The One About The Equinox: Ep2.

We open our show complaining about the light, welcome to the Equinox people! This is a quick show to talk about what you can do to celebrate the fact that 21st March is coming up. The equinox is all about balance, equal parts daytime to equal parts nighttime, But how should magickal people celebrate this point in time? Let’s give you some ideas!

The One That Started It: The Pilot.

We open our show with an explanation of what we’re doing, that it will likely just be jibber jabber as we cover off a little about our philosophy and what magick is to us. This will hopefully set some context to our other videos and the kind of magick we draw upon. We talk a bit about our Magick Discovered course and we give a sneaky peek inside our Book of Shadows, which acts as an invitation to learn more about each topic.

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