What is astral magick?

The 12 houses wheel is useful to use in astral magick by Magenta School of Magick

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To answer what is astral magick, first off we have to understand what Astrology is. Which is kinda hard. So, let’s just accept that astrology is a study of the movements and relative positions of the planets. Also that these movements and positions are thought to have an influence on human affairs and events. So together, that’s Astrology.

Astral magick is all about using the movements and relative positions of the planets to time magick. This means it’s often based on astrology, and uses the same characteristics of the planets and such, but it’s not the same system used by astrologers. This is because there are lots of correspondences in astrology that if we tried to use all of them it would mean there would never be the perfect time to do anything magickal. So we kinda have to be a bit picky about what we use.

Astral magick is very much a specialism for us. It has it’s foundation in a grimoire called The Picatrix. As a practice, it lives somewhere in the intersection between astrology and magick. So it can be a source of frustration to most spellcasters, cause of all the waiting….and to be fair, all spellcasters want to do is cast the damn spell.

Annnnnnd it’s a source of frustration to astrologers, cause of all the picking and choosing over which planets are lining up with which other planets and when, cause to astrologers they all matter…not so much in astral magick.

Our Magick Discovered course has a whole module dedicated to astral magick, the why it works and how to use it. It’s quite a detailed subject so to avoid annoying (and confusing) any more people we’ll just cover off the basics of what this is today!

Astral magick is about using star signs in magick

Lots of magickal practitioners use the phases of the moon and we do this too, but we do go a little further. In astral magick, the moon’s characteristics when it is travelling in front of various star signs can be blended to make a big difference to the success of magickal practice.

The signs of the Zodiac

The moon in Aries can be a great time to cast spells for self reflection, leadership confidence, protection and decisiveness.

If you want to make sure you are well rewarded for hard work, cast a spell when the moon is in Taurus

The moon in Gemini can be a good time to cast communication spells, such as improving communication and collaboration with others.

Cast a spell to open up or bless your home and family, or to reconnect with your emotions when the moon is in Cancer.

If you want to be noticed, casting an attraction spell when the moon is in Leo can put creative achievements in the spotlight.

Casting a spell when the moon is in Virgo can strengthen routines and remove the clutter and chaos.

If you want to improve partnerships, cast a rebalancing spell or a binding spell when the moon is in Libra to secure improvement in these relationships and bind any issues.

Cast a revelation spell when the moon is in Scorpio to bring your awareness to any aspect of the shadow side.

Start a new adventure such as a new job, a new hobby or maybe travelling somewhere, and bless this with an expansion spell when the moon is in Sagittarius.

If you need to take a bit more responsibility, cast a binding spell when the moon is in Capricorn to bind any bad habits.

Cast an inspiration spell when the moon is in Aquarius to flex your independence or where an injection of new thinking is needed.

The moon in Pisces a good time to cast spells that improve empathy and strengthen intuition.

We have some free spells, based on the above timings, that you can download and use on our Casting spells page. This means on these spells you’ll see some suggestions for the timings of when to cast the right spell using the moon in the star signs.

Astral magick is about using planets in magick

Astral magick is also about blending what the moon is doing with other powerful archetypes like the planets.

The 8 planets of the Solar System. Yes there are still 8 for us, not including Earth.

Mercury can be used for magickal work all about communication and learning skills quickly.

Venus can be used to bring small gains, balance and pleasant experiences.

Mars can be used for magickal work involving conflict, increasing vitality or taking decisive action. 

Jupiter can be used to increase luck and magnify and enhance all good things.

Saturn can be used to restrict any undesirable behaviour. 

Uranus can be used for work connected with major changes. 

Neptune can be used for spiritual, psychic and intuition work.

Pluto can be used magickally for work connected with transformations or final endings.

The Sun and the Moon are also used in magickal work. The Sun is useful for magickal work all about “the self”, such as confidence and charisma. The Moon is used in magick connected to emotions and the home.

Some of these planets, and the moon, also rule over certain days of the week and hours of the day. Astral magick is all about working with these planetary correspondences as well as the characteristics of the planets themselves. 

On some of our downloadable spells you’ll see some suggestions for the days to cast certain spells, again this is because it aligns with the timing for when to cast the right spell using the planetary ruler of the days of the week.

Planetary correspondences also show up in various plants and herbs, all of which can be used as part of an astral based magickal practice. We have a table of these correspondances on our Casting spells page.

It’s about using houses in magick

Long ago, astrologers divided up the sky into different zones – or houses – to represent different parts of life. Astral magick is also about understanding how the characteristics of the stars and planets moving through these different parts of the sky can be blended together for magickal results.

We have some tables explaining the characteristics of the houses on our Casting spells page, if you want to get into the detail of that a little more.

Timing it all

We said at the start that astral magick is about using the movements and relative positions of the planets to time the magick. We also mentioned that all this waiting for the right day, the right moment a planet is on the horizon, or for when the moon is in a certain star sign etc etc can be a source of frustration to most spellcasters.

But it is incredibly powerful and rewarding to own the decision making behind the magick. That’s what we find so appealing. It’s why we believe, for us anyway, this works so well. The power these ancient archetypes represent is what gives astral magick its success. Well, that’s what we think anyway!

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