Endings and New Beginnings Tarot Spread

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Tarot deck shown is the Rider Waite Smith published by US Games. Photo by Magenta

Samhain (or Beltane) Tarot Spread

Tarot is such a fabulous tool, and as we approach Halloween, what perfect way to look at what parts of our lives are ending in order to make way for something new. 

This is our version of an Endings and New Beginnings tarot card spread. Everyone has their own way of reading the cards. For us, the cards themselves aren’t “good” or “bad”, it’s where the cards fall in the spread that gives a clue as to whether the card’s shadow-side should be interpreted. We explain that in two of the following positions, the card should be read as the ‘block’ or ‘shadow’ side. Everything else should be read with loving kindness, after all the cards have totally got your back!

The spread

The cards are laid out like a cup (or inverted triangle) shape. A row of four cards across the top, then three underneath that row, then a row of two cards beneath that until finally at the bottom there’s one card in a row by itself.

How to read the Endings and New Beginnings spread

What is ending

Card number 1 – This is the issue coming to an end for you. This card is a summary of the main issue that is ending. It could be a summary of an event, your feelings, a difficult situation or it could summarise a main theme of a series of events that have happened recently.

Lesson and advice

Card number 2 – This is the biggest lesson from the issue that is ending. This card describes the lesson that you’re learning from the experience. 

Card number 3 –  What will help you as you learn this lesson.  This card is an action card, or an advice card. It invites you to bring your awareness to the message as a positive instruction to help you learn this lesson with love. 

Try to connect card number 2 and card number 3 because together they tell the story. If card number 2 is the main lesson, card number 3 is what will help you to learn so that you can fully release this issue that is closing.  

New Beginnings

Card number 4 – What are you attracting? This card represents anything that you are pulling towards you as you go forward. This card might be connected to the lesson you are learning in card number 2.  

Card number 5 – What is holding you back? This card represents anything that you are repelling or anything that is blocking you as you go forward. This card might be connected to the action you’re supposed to take from card number 3. 

Card number 6 – What to look out for. This card represents the twist in the tale. It might be something that drags you backwards, back to repeating the same cycles. Card 6 connects to card 3 by way of a warning and is intended to be read as the shadow side of the card. 

Where to begin

Any major arcana cards in this row should indicate this is the area of life where new cycles and new beginnings will be most noticeable. Notice if any of the preceding cards are connected with cards 7, 8 or 9. Do they tell a story that prepares you for a new start, in any of these life areas?

Card number 7 – Relationships with others. This is a card for new beginnings that involve the external influences in the world. This could be friendships, family or a loving relationship. 

Card number 8 – Career, money and work. This card shows the start of things in relation to work, your education (if you are in full-time education) or any projects you are working on. It also includes the home. 

Card number 9 – Relationship with yourself. This card is all about a new start for yourself. It could be about your wellbeing or your self confidence. 

Card number 10 – The biggest lesson to learn in this next phase This card represents the one thing you should be open to learning as you go forward into this new phase.

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