Love and Prosperity: Decoding Pentacles in Tarot Card Readings for Relationship Insight

How often does the ‘wrong’ suit come up in your tarot card readings?
For example, would you struggle if your relationship readings are full of Pentacles cards?

This week’s article aims to demystify the suit of Pentacles so can confidently read these cards in your relationship spreads.

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The Mysteries of Tarot: A Guide to Getting Started

Tarot cards have been used as an amazing tool to uncover hidden truths and gain greater insight into the subconscious. But where do you even begin if you want to start learning tarot?

This high level overview will give beginners a few pointers to take the mystery out of learning tarot. Click the link!

Endings and New Beginnings Tarot Spread

Tarot can be a useful tool to look at what issues are resolving, and what should be our focus for a new start.

This is our version of 10 card Endings and New Beginnings tarot spread.

We explain in this article how to lay the cards out and how the cards interlink with each other. Only two of the cards should actually be read as the ‘block’ or ‘shadow’ side. Everything else should be read with loving kindness, after all the cards have totally got your back!

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How tarot can help with personal development

Photos by Magenta When many people think of tarot card readers, they imagine crinkly ladies in their booths at the end of the pier or as part of a side-show act. Or wise women dressed in robes with crystal balls perhaps. Did you know that tarot is more than just a fun, fortune telling party trick?Continue reading “How tarot can help with personal development”

Your Tarot Starter Guide Part 2. The hidden story of the major arcana.

The 22 cards of the major arcana can be read together as an epic adventure story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, just like Star Wars. Or just like your own very human story. Find out how in this article

Your Tarot Starter Guide Part 1. It’s all in the suit, numbers and artwork.

Are you struggling with your tarot interpretations? Worried about learning the complex systems? Our easy starter guide should help give you back your confidence.

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