Guided Meditation: Accepting imperfection

accepting imperfection by Magenta School of Magick

Art by Jemma

Many of us want to achieve perfection in our lives. This might come in the form of the perfect school, job, car, partner, social life and everything else in between. If we reach perfection, oftentimes we believe this will finally make us happier, or give us a sense of acceptance by others. This can come at the cost of burnout, feelings of anxiousness and stress. By allowing a sense of ‘good enough’ to satisfy us, we can learn to enjoy being in the moment and allow gratitude for where we are today creep in.

Filled with affirmations aimed at helping to celebrating how far we’ve come, to learn that setbacks are part of a process and that we’re probably holding ourselves to impossible standards anyway!

Here we have some pointers on how to meditate, plus some of our other guided meditations available.

Meditation practice can produce unwanted effects in people who might be more sensitive. We encourage anyone who is unsure about practising meditative techniques to seek appropriate professional support before experimenting with meditation.

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Published by Magenta School of Magick

We are a magick school for spiritually minded people who want advice and resources about, plus training on, using our ‘philosophy and art of affecting intended change through unseen causes’ (known as humanistic magick) in order to make changes that improve their work and lifestyle.

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