Is magickal binding always bad?

Magickal binding to lock behaviour, things or people by Magenta

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When people talk about binding spells, this is usually a kind of spell that aims to prevent someone from doing something. We have a binding spell to prevent someone from doing harm so, is magickal binding always bad?

Types of magickal binding

There are different types of binding. The first way, as mentioned above, is a spell that takes away a person’s ability to do something. For example, it might be worth binding someone’s ability to harm or harass in order to make that behaviour stop. Alternatively, magickal binding on oneself could help break a nasty habit, or negative emotions or even one’s own disruptive or damaging behaviour. 

Another form of magickal binding is when things are joined together. This might be people, like a couple who wish to join together to strengthen their relationship. Objects can also be bound to their owners to prevent them from getting lost or stolen. 

Is magickal binding good or bad?

Magickally binding someone else’s behaviour because it is dangerous could be seen as taking a necessary step for their own good. Binding two people in a relationship who want to be together is no different to a legal marriage and who wouldn’t want their possessions from being bound to them? That way you’ll never lose a set of keys again! So it’s easy to see the good side of magickal binding. Magickal binding in and of itself is neither good nor bad, but the intent behind it is what can make the difference between a binding being positive or being negative. 

The ethics involved

Nearly all binding spells that involve other people will involve restricting or controlling someone else’s actions. To ensure the intent behind this stays positive, you will always need consent. Of course, if an individual’s behaviour is truly dangerous (we’re thinking evil megalomaniac dangerous) it might be necessary to bind their behaviour without their consent. 

The important thing is to think about why another person’s behaviour or why a couple needs magickal binding. Check in with yourself, is this about them – or you? Is this about restricting them for their benefit – or yours?  Seeking and getting consent gives the other people involved control over what will happen to them, and should take any questions about your motives out of the equation. 

The downside of magickal binding

Binding can be the starting point to a process connected to the mundane world, and can kick start emotional ties, obligations or institutions in the real world to support the magickal binding. For example, magickally binding a couple could present problems if one of them wants to end the relationship. A magickal binding can show itself through financial or legal issues that continue to tie the couple together, even when the relationship has ended.

Binding objects can also be tricky. There might come a time when these objects want to be or need to be given away. If they’re magickally bound to their owner they might find a way of always returning somehow. Or the owner may struggle to throw objects away, if they have been magickally bound to their possessions. 

Undoing a binding

If the downside of magickal binding shows up, it’s time to think about reversal spells, cord cutting spells or moving-on mediations to break the connection between the magickal and the mundane world. This should allow the people involved to take action to break the binding as it appears in the real world. 

So, is magickal binding always bad?

Magickal binding is neither good nor bad, it’s the intent that can make all the difference. However, it is important to understand why the binding is being done in the first place and whether any of it can be construed as a manipulation on the part of the spell caster. As long as the spell caster works within some clear ethical boundaries, such as gaining consent from everyone involved, and explains to all involved what the downsides could be, then magickal binding isn’t always bad. 

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