What is Lammas?

A fire pit to celebrate Lammas fire festival by Magenta

Photo by Magenta

What is Lammas?

For those of us enjoying the summer, this time of year is Lammas (or Lughnasadh). Falling on the 31st July, into the 1st of August, this festival marks the first celebration of the harvest. A point to celebrate the growth that has happened and a reminder to enjoy the remaining warmth and sunlight before the next equinox.

As the Wheel of the Year turns, we can mark this point in time by celebrating and feasting as Lammas is a good time of year for enjoying the fruits of nature and celebrating all we’ve achieved at this point.

But also Imbolc

For those of us still in the grip of winter, this is the time of year called “Imbolc”. This festival traditionally marks the first signs of spring. It is generally a time for purification and a celebration of the first signs of life after the winter. It is a good time of year for observing the first green shoots from the earth.

Lammas and the sun in Leo

These festivals are traditionally ‘fire festivals’ so we can mark the time of year through lighting a candle or fire in the hearth or enjoying a barbeque or firepit outdoors. It’s also worth noticing that the sun is busy making its journey through Leo during this time, and Leo being ruled by the sun, symbolises socialising and playfulness. Save some time to play! Consider whether it might time to take some time off and time out. Maybe this is a summer break, if this is the summer holidays for you.

Leo also symbolises self-confidence and the achievement of goals, so even if you can’t go away for a break just at the moment, just take some time to log off, close your books, reflect on all you have achieved and just relax. You deserve to kick back and have a bit of time off!

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