How to celebrate The Solstice this 21st of December

The Solstice is a celebration of what the Sun is up to and we can use this, and the characteristics of the Sun as a symbol representing “the self”, to make the Solstice all about ourselves!

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All Hallows Eve

The Sun is travelling through Pluto ruling Scorpio at this time of year. As one thing ends, another is beginning which of course is what both Samhain and Beltane symbolise. Let’s get into some ideas for marking this fire festival, plus we have a discount code for you to use on our Magick Discovered course!

What is Lammas?

Ideas for how to celebrate this fire festival

Celebrate the Solstice 21st June.

Ideas for how to celebrate this wiccan festival

The Beauty of Life

Ideas for how to celebrate this wiccan festival

New to magick? Here’s how to get started

How do new witches know where to start? It might involve starting right here with this article.

Is western magick culturally appropriated?

Here we discuss our thoughts about the history of powerful white men going out into the world and bringing back magickal influences to the West

Do we need to talk about correspondences?

Where do your magickal correspondences come from? Asking these questions is an important aspect of any practice.

It’s the 2nd of February. Again.

Ideas for how to celebrate this wiccan festival

The Solstice, 21st of December

Photo by Magenta Although for a lot of witches, the moon is by far the “best” celestial body, the sun also has ‘characteristics’ that are useful in magick. A solstice is a celebration of what the sun is up to. For Northerners, the 21st December is a midwinter festival and from this point in time,Continue reading “The Solstice, 21st of December”

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