Celebrate the Solstice 21st June.

Although for a lot of witches, the moon is by far the “best” celestial body, the sun also has ‘characteristics’ that are useful in magick. Here we have some great ways to celebrate the solstice this 21st of June.

Northern Hemisphere solstice

A solstice is a celebration of what the sun is up to. For Northerners, the 21st June is a midsummer festival known as Litha, and from this point in time the days will start to get shorter. This means it is a celebration of the ‘waning of the light’ and is a good time of year for enjoying the fullness of the sun’s light or watching a sunset.   

Southern Hemisphere solstice

For Southerners, this time of year is the midwinter festival known as Yule. It is the turning point which signals the ‘return of the light’. It is also the time of year to welcome back the sun and for connecting with the stillness of nature.

How to celebrate the Solstice 21st June

We can use the solstice to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and bask in all the beauty of the natural environment. We can also use the ‘characteristics’ of the sun as a symbol representing “the self”.

Goal Setting

We can use this time of year to check in with ourselves, working on our mental health and our positivity as well as goal setting.

Wrap some yellow ribbon through a hag stone on the 21st June as the sun rises, focus your thoughts towards seeing the positive side of things. You can light a candle as the sun sets on the 21st June, as a way of connecting with the light. Either bidding it a fond farewell if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, or welcoming the sun back with open arms if you’re in the South. 

Build up your intuition

The sun enters the sign of Cancer at the solstice. Cancer represents self-reflection, intuition and emotions. Cancer has the Moon as its ruler, the celestial body of emotional nurturing. This is a great time of year to flex your intuitive muscles to resolve any problems and get back in touch with your inner knowing.

Intuition is something we all have, we don’t need to learn how to be intuitive but we need to learn how to recognise and trust our intuition from time to time. Have you ever been so stumped by a question, and felt you don’t have any solutions? Have you ever had the experience of ‘running out of ideas’?

The solution to this starts by giving your logic brain a rest to allow the intuitive parts to take over. It’s weird, but try simply asking the question that is stumping you. Then go for a run or a walk, or meditate or do some yoga today. By doing something like this, it just gives your logic brain a chance to stop. While your logic brain is quiet, your subconscious is still working the problem. By getting out of your own way, by giving your logic brain some time off…. this then gives intuition the chance to come to the front. You never know, it might have the answer you need!

Whatever you choose to do, and how you choose to celebrate, enjoy the light! Happy Solstice, peeps!

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